Veggie tower

At work, we have a cafeteria (really, we have 3) that I take advantage of when I forget or fail to pack a lunch. I go for the salad bar if I want cold lunch, since I’ve already inquired about the ingredients and the only bready items are corralled at the end, or the "Spa Cuisine" station for a hot meal, for similar reasons (and they display the ingredients/nutritional information.) "Spa Cuisine" gets you a main protein and 2 veggies, and the people who work at the station are always so happy. Yay, lunch! They’re so happy, they always load up on the veggies, especially since I seem to pick the unpopular ones. No peas, marinated mushrooms, fiesta corn or loaded baked potato for me! Give me kale, carrots, parsnips, broccoli rabe and cauliflower.

Last week, I picked carrots and parsnips to go with my salmon, mentioning that I hadn’t had the parsnips before. That got me extra parsnips! Monday, I picked brussel sprouts and carrots, and the guy decided that I also needed some green beans, plus a sprinkling of parsley, and a giant piece of salmon. Whoo! Extra veggies! I only needed mild convincing. Tuesday, I got lunch kind of late, so my veggies options were limited, but my two choices, asparagus and carrots, were still plentiful and available. And then they were plentiful in my lunch carton. Really, I could have just eaten carrots and asparagus, the chicken was the side dish on my plate.

Today, I’m hoping for kale. Or for another new veggie.


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