Some updates

  • I’ve noticed that the quantity of packed lunches in the fridge at work declines over the course of the week. Tuesday seems to have the most lunches, followed closely by Monday, and Friday has the fewest. I wonder how many Tuesday lunches are really leftover Monday lunches.
  • I voted on Tuesday. The weather was crappy, there were only 3 races (circuit court judges) and the poll workers were very friendly, but obviously bored to tears (the stack of filled-out voter form things was tiny.) I did get to see the old ballot box, though. Metal, painted half red and half blue (on the diagonal). I wondered if it was out because of the possibility of switching to paper ballots (from the electronic ballots) if the power went out (also used to collect provisional paper ballots.)
  • On my way to vote, I went through a part of town where the power was out. Very surprisingly, drivers treated the intersections without power correctly: as a 4-way stop. I was shocked.
  • Apparently, we have coyotes in the neighborhood. A sign was posted on our cul de sac yesterday.
  • I got some new soccer cleats in Eurosport’s Black Friday sale, and I’m very excited about them. (They should arrive today.) Not sure if they’ll be practice cleats or game cleats, but my current pair, though awesome, aren’t up to doing everything anymore.

2 thoughts on “Some updates

  1. Ooh, coyote news not good for cat population in neighborhood. Dogs should be okay unless they are inquisitive about seeing who the new “dogs” are. Coyotes around here have mainly mouse diet, a helpful trait.

  2. We have coyotes near our house. We hear them having parties when we have the windows open in the summer. i don’t see them as a big deal. They’re scared of people, and our neighborhood has a healthy cat population. I’ve only seen one once and that was a mile down the road in the middle of a cornfield.

    Long story short, I wouldn’t worry about them.

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