Vacay pt. 1

So’s I don’t forget.

Our trip started with me getting out of work slightly early, so I could get home and finish packing. Our friend Meghan was picking us up to take us to Marta at 6:15, and we didn’t have anything in bags, just folded, sorted clothes in laundry baskets (sorted by “what we’re bringing”.) So we got all that together, and realized that we were a) ready to go 45 minutes early and b) really hungry. So we called Meghan and promised her dinner in exchange for a ride to the airport, if she was ready to go now, and she was cool with that. Ended up at Wendys, then at the airport with plenty of time to spare. We checked in, no problem (though I noticed our bag was already at 42lbs), got through security with the old-fashioned metal detector screening, and walked to the gate written on the outside of our ticket packet, C-17, though the one on the ticket itself (and the Departures signs) said D-4.

Gate C-17 was a flight to San Antonio, so we walked over to D-4, which was our Seattle flight. Yay! They were asking for volunteers to give up their seats, which we decided not to do, since the next flight they promised was 24 hours later. If it had been the morning flight… I think we would have done it. A guy sitting near us tried to give up his seat, but got moved to first class instead (I think his parents were happy about that.) He seemed pretty smug about it, bragging and crowing about it. When we got on the plane, we saw that his new seat was next to a woman with an infant, and said baby proceeded to throw up all over the seat.

Flight was uneventful, but I was so, so glad I’d gotten exit row seating for us. That’s the least I’ve ever heard TCB complain about flying, and the happiest I’ve ever seen him getting off the flight. Laughing as we get to the terminal! Amazing! (He’d been holding in a “M-Fing cats on the m-fing plane” joke since seeing all the kids around us (they all slept the entire flight, yaaay, bedtime flights!) go gaga over the cats a couple 2 rows in front of us were traveling with.)

I’ve gotta say, Seattle’s got a great airport. We left the secured area and were greeted with a display of a great Burt Rutan plane: Voyager. It’s a lot smaller than I thought.

Baggage claim, looked for a hotel, just got on a shuttle, checked into Holiday Inn Express. (I’d looked at prices in the airport area before we left, and all the hotels were about the same price. Didn’t want to book early, since we were getting in so late, in case we were delayed.) We were hungry, so we walked the 1.8 miles to Denny’s. TCB got some skillet thing, and I got “make your own slam” with bacon, eggs, grits and bacon. The waiter came back to make sure I’d said “bacon and bacon”. Eggs were perfect, bacon was good, but the grits… I expected the little side bowl of grits, but the waiter came out with a giant soup bowl of grits (guessing they’re not too popular in Seattle at 1am.) More grits than I could eat! I was very full.

Hotel, sleep sleep sleep, complimentary breakfast (I got banana, peanut butter and yogurt. The eggs were too perfectly formed for me to trust they were just eggs. And too close to the biscuits and gravy), back to the airport, get on light rail, pick up our car downtown (muuuch cheaper rates than at the airport), arranged to drop it off at the airport for no extra fee, off to find lunch. Ended up at P.F. Chang’s because it was nearby and we knew I could eat there easily. Plus, we hadn’t been there since they expanded their GF menu. I got pepper steak, and it was spicy! Yay! So spicy, I had to take off my sweater.

After lunch, we headed to our cottage that I rented for the rest of the visit. Ally called on the way (which was awesome, since I’d accidentally deleted her number when transferring from old phone to new phone), told us to avoid a certain geographical area (that nobody can actually get to) because they’d dumped some fuel there on her test flight, and we started making plans to meet her the next day. The bridge was up. The cottage was cute, the owner had left some decorations out for us to use, and the pantry of items former renter had left included gf pancake mix. Winner! We headed to target to pick up some items we’d forgotten (shirts: me), items we hadn’t packed on purpose (razors: me, since I didn’t have any left to pack), and food. And a wiimote, since there was only 1 at the cottage, and we only have 3 at home anyway.

After settling in at the cottage, we headed out to meet a college friend of mine for sushi (and his wife, and their new son.) We went to Rain Modern Sushi, where I got an enormous bowl of sashimi. I should have taken a picture. It. was. awesome. The company: fabulous. After dinner, we walked down to Molly Moon’s Ice Cream, where I got the candy cane ice cream (and tried the honey lavendar, but candy cane seemed much more festive.) That was pretty awesome ice cream.

The rest of the night: back to the cottage, Mario Kart, me falling asleep on the couch, bedtime, sleep sleep, and then I woke up at 6am, and have been unable to get back to sleep. Must be too excited about seeing more friends today. I think some more Kart (and bacon & eggs) are in my immediate future.


4 thoughts on “Vacay pt. 1

  1. Very festive! And a gorgeous drive, too.

    Tacoma’s on our list of “will most likely do.” Gotta see where the engineering fail of Galloping Gertie used to be.

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