Vacay Pt. 2

So! Mario Kart was fun- I unlocked my favorite character, so that was good. TCB woke up soon after, we made breakfast, and headed over to see Ally and her boyfriend, who were packing (and having blinds installed) to leave to see her parents in the midwest. We met their cats, toured their lovely home, and talked talked talked. We were all sad when the car arrived to take them to the airport.

Since they lived near an REI, TCB and I headed over there to get some new boots. TCB wanted some low hiking shoes better for day hiking, and I wanted some low in the back, high in the front, that wouldn’t give me cankles or bruises after a day of hiking. And we both found success! Yaaaay! And socks. Yaaaay! We looked at hats, too, but decided we wouldn’t wear the heavier winter hats that they had, even if they were really, really cute on me. And, because it was raining and our shoes/socks were soaked already, we changed into our new footwear in the car. Yaaay! And then we ate at Chipotle (because it was nearby.)

And then, since we were already on that side of Seattle, we kept heading east on I-90, and got up into Wenatchee National Forest, to Leavenworth. I might have fallen asleep during part of the drive, but the snow was so pretty. And it was neat to see the layers of snow where it had sheared off, exposing stripes like cake layers where it had snowed, set for a while (gotten dirty/icy on top), then snowed again, repeat. And the trees all covered in snow… gorgeous.

We pulled into Leavenworth, parked, and realized that we weren’t exactly dressed for the weather. Should have gotten that hat! Fortunately, I’d grabbed my running jacket before we left that morning, in case I needed it for rain protection, so I put that on. Thing is like a plastic bag when I run- I only use it in extreme situations. We were both happy about our new boots, warm and waterproof. And then we got coffee- an Americano for each of us. TCB hadn’t had one in a while.

We walked around town and shopped for a hat for TCB (I was ok with the temperature). We saw really expensive ones before fining a “everything’s $12.99!” shop, and got him a cozy hat on sale. We walked back to the car past the sledders on the hiss in the middle of the shopping area, the area with the gazebo, and thought the carved-out moguls were cool. And the jumps. Those kids were having a blast. The hill wasn’t very tall, but it was just steep enough, so the walk back up the hill seemed like a good return for the fun going down the hill. Great planning.

We drove back to Seattle a different way than we’d come up, and loved the mountain views at dusk. Gorgeous. TCB especially liked that few cars were on the road. Near the end, we, along with 10-12 other cars, got stuck behind a semi that wouldn’t pull over into the pull-off areas. Grr. It did give us time to decide we wanted pizza for dinner, so I found a restaurant on our way back to the cottage where we both could eat. We ended up at Pizza Works, where I ate all but 1 piece of my 10-inch pizza because I was so hungry and the pizza was so good. We stopped next door at QFC for some supplies for Christmas dinner, and headed home to play Mario Kart, watch TV, and unwind after another jam-packed day.

3 thoughts on “Vacay Pt. 2

  1. One of the best vacations Tom and I had was in Leavenworth on Christmas break at a lovely B&B. The daytime temps were in the low teens and nighttime temps were below zero. The outdoor hot tub in the dark was great as a light snow fell on our shoulders. Oddly, nobody else at the B&B wanted to go out to the hot tub.

  2. Which, after participating in an ISU fraternity’s “Hot Tub Party” fundraiser in Terre Haute winter, I can say is key to a hot tube’s awesomeness in winter. (The tub was in front of a radio station, and the radio station people were heating up water in the microwave and on the stove to pour in the tub. It was all abandoned halfway through the night and never mentioned again by the station, who’d been promoting this first-ever-event-for-some-unknown-charity it heavily, more than our annual, successful, Teeter-Totter-A-Thon for Riley’s Children’s Hospital.)

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