Vacay Pt. 5

Day after Christmas = time to go explore Seattle again! After breakfast, we headed up to Blue Moon Burger for lunch (with appropriate waiting between meals.) And the burger…. yum. They get their GF buns from a local bakery, and my fry pile was, for once, larger than TCB’s. (Usually, my fry pile is half of a regular serving.) I really had too many fries, but I had to finish them all! We then headed south to the Museum of Flight.

And… wow. We’d allowed 4 hours for the trip, which would include a “Tip to Tail” tour of their Blackbird, and we were unprepared for the awesomeness of the museum. We barely made it out of the main exhibit hall and into the original factory area before they closed. And we hadn’t gone to the airpark, the WWI->WWII exhibit or the pre-flight area. So, we resolved to go back the next day (and thanked our friend Ally & her boyfriend for the extra set of free passes, which they’d given us “just in case you miss something”.) We headed back home and started to make plans to go out to eat, but everywhere we wanted to go was far away, and I wasn’t feeling too hot (my face was really, really hot and sweating, TCB said it was bright red, and I felt cold.) So we just went to the grocery and grilled steaks that night. Hooray for renting a house!

The next day, we got up a little early and headed back to the MoF, making sure to tour the airpark while it wasn’t raining. I enjoyed going through the Concorde, and was surprised at how big it was inside. I mean, I knew the airplane was big, but I didn’t realize it was so huge. And I also thought that the Air Force One exhibit was neat- the configuration of the plane was pretty cool.

Back inside, we visited the WWI->WWII fighters area, and I found the WWI section most fascinating- the rapid development and refinement and innovation of aircraft during that time was surprising to me. And the development of the attitude of fighters from “let’s be gentlemen about this” to dogfighting was also interesting. TCB learned that radial and rotary engines are different, and that American troops could sign up to fight with the British and French… or anybody, as long as it was on the Allied side.

So, after another 4 hours at the MoF, we headed out to Tacoma, to see if we could find a) lunch and b) where Galloping Gertie used to be. For A, we ate at Woody’s on the Water, which is next to the Museum of Glass (thought about going, but our rumbling bellies thought otherwise). We had a fabulous lunch- clams for an appetizer, then seared steelhead for me (thai shrimp wraps for TCB), and a yummy dessert: flourless chocolate cake with cheesecake topping, then topped with caramel, chocolate and candied pecans. We also learned that the original tower pedestals and cable anchorages were used for the older span of the new bridge, and that the new bridge has a toll. Since it was very dark by then, we decided to skip it and find somewhere to take advantage of after-Christmas sales instead. We’d deliberately under-packed for the trip on purpose.

We found the nearest mall and had some fun with the sale at Eddie Bauer. I’d picked out a bunch of things, then, because I picked out some pants, tried them on, and ended up with just the jacket. After that, we both got overwhelmed with the mall and headed over to Target for some staple items (where we learned that they just don’t make men’s underwear like they used to, at least, not for sale at Target), and then tried to figure out what to do for dinner. Not feeling particular hungry yet, we found a grocery store, got pasta ingredients, and headed back to the cabin for dinner & tv.


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