Interrupting the Seattle vacation recap for some win (not that the vacation wasn’t a win.):

  • Tired of staying inside because of the early darkness, and looking to burn some energy not used sitting on the couch playing Kart on vacation, TCB conquered the front yard raking with the help of some new shop lights. And now the yard doesn’t look abandoned, but does look neatly raked (and the dead vines pulled out of the gardens. And the lights are down and put away.) Win! It does look like we have weeds, not grass, for a yard, though. Semi-fail.
  • I like capping when we bottle beer, but don’t like handling the real, wheat-rye-barley-filled beers, because my hands get rashy, either from the beer itself or from washing my hands so much because they get itchy. Needing to use up some FSA dollars, I stocked up on a bunch of stuff we use, like contact solution, face wash, ibuprofen… and non-latex exam gloves (TCB uses gloves when working on the car, and I use them when cooking with hot peppers, but the gloves he usually gets are super-large.) The ones I got said “one size fits all!”, which really meant that they’re too small for TCB, but just about right for me. Yay, gloves that aren’t hugetastic! And bottling beer without rashy hands after! Win!
  • We went to my cousin’s second birthday party this weekend. He knows who I am, and shocked us all when he said my name- we all thought it was a fluke, some syllables that sound like my name. And then he said it again, when asked. Win! Who needs babies when cousins (and neighbor’s kids) are awesome?

8 thoughts on “Wins

  1. Can you sow grass now? If so, that might be something that needs to get done this weekend. I will have grass in this yard or die trying!

  2. We keep a box of 100 vinyl gloves (Stanley or similar brand) on hand for all sorts of icky jobs. They’re great when cutting onions, cutting up raw chicken, stuffing a turkey, mixing meatloaf ingredients, cleaning up pet messes, washing the cat litter box, etc.

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