Snow days!

We had snow!

And then some ice, but there was snow under the ice. And so, since offices, schools and other places of work were closed on Monday, we on the court got together and built Trent the Snowman. We’d initially planned on doing 3 separate snowmen, but with the ice/snow mixture, it was easier to bring our wheelbarrows of snow together in the center of the cul-de-sac. I think he turned out fantastic. I also like that, since I was at home, I could sew during my lunch break, and work on finishing a new purse that I’d started back in August. I’d gotten very frustrated with it, and had put it away. I finished the top stitching on the outside of the bottom of the purse, got the pockets on the inside, and pinned the lining together.

Angus loved running around in the snow.

Tuesday, offices were open, schools still closed, and I continued to work from home. It was really nice to have TCB making me breakfast. We went for a walk to check out the snow formations other parts of the neighborhood had built (plus, we needed to get out of the house.) We slid and slipped around, managed to stay on our feet. I sewed the lining together, sewed the top bands, and pinned those to the top of the inside/outside. That night, I tried to get creative with a vegetarian dish and attempted tofu sloppy joes, but I spilled the vinegar into it and then added waaaay too much liquid trying to overcompensate. I was surprised with how much crumbled tofu looks like meat (or eggs). I ended up adding all the canned tomatoes in the house, attempting to turn it into a pasta sauce, but I’d already added too much spice (see: over compensating), and ended up with tofu in an acid sauce. Adding milk helped a little, but it’s pretty awful. I don’t like throwing out that much food, but I’m at a loss as how to re-form it into something edible. Might freeze it until I come up with something.

Angus was ok with the ice. Not his favorite, but he got to go on a walk, which thrilled him.

Wednesday, with schools still closed, and me working from home again, we went on another walk together. First, I tried to catch up on my half marathon training by attempting the 6 mile run I’d missed (on Sunday, supposed to do it after the soccer game, ha!) on our neighbor’s treadmill. Got 2 miles in, decided it sucked, and went home. TCB was lacing up to go for a walk, so I tacked on another 3 miles, but walking. We could see the roads thawing and getting clearer, but still not anything we wanted to get out in. Neighborhoods were still very icy and I came close to hitting the ground a couple times (usually when cars were coming.) That night, after preparing half of our potatoes and all of the zucchini I’d gotten at YDFM before the storm (thinking ahead, and the zucchini were unpopular, so I could actually get to them), I dumped in a bag of Green Giant buttered corn, to make potatoes, zucchini and corn in a butter sauce, and then turned over the package to see that it contained wheat ingredients. Soy sauce. In “buttered corn”. I was so mad. I made the rest of the potatoes, frozen lima beans, and green peppers in no sauce for me.


2 thoughts on “Snow days!

  1. Sounds like working from home agrees with you (and J. and Angus).

    For the overly acidic (now frozen) dish, try a pinch of baking soda to counter act the acid. Your mom reminded me of that trick not too long ago.

  2. Mmm… I loved working at home so much. I might have to deal with the same frustrations as at work, but at least I don’t also have to drive home afterward.

    I got the baking soda in the dish before freezing it. Thinking about remixing it with rice and more veggies in a kickasserole.

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