Snow daze!

Thursday was the first day we contemplated leaving the house. And then decided against it. And then TCB went to the store, we needed some kind of fresh veggie/fruit. I got mostly out of my pjs for some teleconferencing. It was a successful day. We went for a walk with neighbors and their dog and finally, finally! I hit the ground when I slipped. While wearing my pants with metal buttons on the back pockets, too, so the bruise is especially pretty. But it was really nice to get out and do something together with those neighbors, especially since they’ll be adding one to their numbers in a few months. I also finished sewing the lining of the purse together, and attached the magnetic clips. I attempted (for the millionth time) to get the top sewn together, but my machine kept jamming just putting the needle into the cloth. I could sew scrap of the same thickness all I wanted, but when I wanted to sew something for real: jammity jam jam. I took the machine apart, I oiled it, I cleaned it, and still: jam. Not even strawberry.

By Friday, I’d had enough of staying home. I thought about going into work, but then watched most of our neighbors slip around the cul-de-sac, and decided against it. Another day of working at home! Yaaay, bacon and eggs for breakfast! And good coffee! And in the afternoon, I tried making up that 6-mile run again, outside this time, with Meghan. And we got 2 miles in, decided it sucked, and came back to the house for some 8-minute abs. Yup.

Saturday, with the temperatures up and ice thawing rapidly, I finally got in my car and ventured out. Roads were fine, people were driving on wet roads like they were ice, made it to the fabric shop to replenish my rapidly-dwindling needle supply (and thread for the purse), to Little Shop of Stories for a baby shower present (stopped at Squash Blossom’s 50% off sale on the way, but didn’t find anything I needed in a price I was willing to pay for it.) Also talked to someone sitting outside Brick Store from Indiana, who recognized my Rose-Hulman shirt. Went to Target, got the towels I needed for a cow towel, and had just enough time at home before the shower to make the towel, rethread my machine a million time, and learn a little about thread tensioning while sewing on the spots. (The mom-to-be loved the towel and book.)

Sunday was business as usual: TCB fixed a few things on the truck and around the house, I nearly finished my purse (keeps jamming on the final top-stitching, going to take it in after this project), and I got my long run done (7 miles!)

Things that I learned in this week of staying in:

· It’s not so bad, especially if well-prepared with food.

· 2 people make a lot of dirty dishes when eating every meal at home.

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