Over six months and countless broken needles after starting it, I finally finished my new purse!

New Purse!

I’d accidentally emptied most of an ink cartridge into my last purse when I put my fountain pen in it, sans cap, nib down. When I washed it, I couldn’t really get it ironed back out, and the fabric around magnetic clasp was giving out. Plus, the ink didn’t really come out. So, though I loved that first little purse I’d made, with all of the customizations I’d done, it was time for a new one. Last July.

I carried around a neat quilted one Jo Ann gave me, but it the large plastic handles weren’t comfortable to carry around all day (the purse looks great with sandals and summer, just not practical as an everyday purse, since I really don’t want to get it as filthy as my purses end up getting.) I ended up using the matching coinpurse as my daily purse- fit my wallet, phone, chapstick and work badge. Could also carefully shove my keys in there, too, if I didn’t have much of anything extra in it. Kept looking for a new pattern for an everyday purse.

For my birthday (August), Mom gave me “One Yard Wonders” and, flipping through the pages, I found my next purse: The Folklore Bag, page 159. I ran out to Hancock Fabrics, found a lovely green/blue print with matching plain fabric (plans! lining and outside would be different!), and cut it all out. Then I went to dinner, and it all sat for a while.
Compared to the example in the book

A few weeks later, I started sewing it together. The 3d shape it immediately made when I sewed long, straight pieces to very curved ones made the sewing difficult, but it wasn’t too bad until I had to topstitch those curves. When I sewed opposite sides of the bag together, I quit. I was so frustrated with it, I didn’t even bother ripping out the offending stitches.

Fast forward 4-5 months (and many other sewing projects) to the ice storm in the ATL. Since I was stuck at home for lunch, I decided to try sewing this bag. Over the course of the week, I finished top stitching the bottom of the bag, got the lining done, put it all together, and made a few modifications along the way for some seam allowance error I’d made somewhere.
Modification- added darts on sides
And I needed more than 1 pocket, so I added an extra and made them the right sizes for stuff.
Put in extra pockets
Then, I made my first attempt at top stitching the final edge. And my machine jammed so many times, with so many broken needles, I moved on to to other projects. (And ripped out that crappy top stitching.) A week later, I tried again, but the thread tension was so off with so many restarts due to jammed machine/broken needles and the inside top edge was rolled over the outside one… it was unacceptable and so I ripped that out, too.

Tonight, I worked on it again. The stitching isn’t perfect, and I ended up manually turning the wheel instead of using the pedal (jam-city) for most of it. But it’s done! Yaaay! I like it.

I like that it holds my stuff.
It holds my stuff!
Plus a snack.
Larabar pocket

And I like that it holds my camera.
Holds my camera.

And I really like that it holds my camera and my stuff and a snack at the same time.
Holds my camera and my stuff

It’s not perfect, and I definitely learned lessons about thread tension, about the correct fabric weight (one problem was that I’d chosen canvas instead of the correct weight), and about some power limitations of my machine. Also learned to put cardboard behind magnetic purse closures so they don’t rip out of the fabric.

But it’s done, just in time to find the pattern for my next purse.

Fits on my shoulder.

(That cat is going to drink herself to death.)


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