I finally took my machine into the repair shop today for a tune-up. Hopefully, that’s all it needs. I’d started on a new project, making some sleeping shorts, and I swear, that machine knows when I’m near the end of a project, because that’s when it especially jams. I got the shorts put together and was finishing the hem on the second leg and… JAM! Hadn’t had a problem until I started that second hem. First hem: fine. Sewing through a bunch of curves: fine. Something it’s already done: jam.

Thought I might finish the shorts before taking it in, but I got so fed up with the jams on that short piece of stitching that I removed all the extra accessories on the machine (needle, thread, everything in the free-arm-case-thing), and took it right over to A-1 Sewing Machine Repair (with the coupon.) If it needs more than a basic tune-up, I’m going to bet it’s something with a tension somewhere? I’ve had so many needle strikes on the shuttle hook that the pointy part is pretty scratched and dinged. And I definitely don’t know enough about repair of my machine to do any of it myself. I wish there was a manual similar to a car repair manual for the machine. As it is, the manual for my machine is pretty terrible- doesn’t include basics about machine care, or parts, or even the bobbin class. (And the FAQ pages weren’t proof-read: the questions and answers don’t line up. It’s as if they just phoned that one in.)

So, in conclusion, hoping it just needs basic maintenance, but won’t be surprised if it needs more. (The pj shorts are really cute, can’t wait to finish them!)


2 thoughts on “Jammity

  1. They called yesterday- needs a new bobbin casing. Not surprising.

    A little pissed about the lady giving me “tips” about how to sew, don’t sew over pins, don’t pull the fabric, change the needle after every project… it’s been jamming like this since getting it, just very occasionally, it’s gotten worse as time goes by, and I change my needle very frequently (because it jams and breaks very frequently), and sewed over a pin once. It was a mistake, and I had to change my needle immediately (because it broke). Pulling the fabric only happened because of the jams (had to do to release the needle.)

    And I got the call 10 minutes after opening the “you failed the national soccer coaching license!” envelope, when I had no patience for any “helpful suggestions,” since the materials had none whatsoever, beyond suggestions that the judging was based on interactions outside of the testing.

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