Update! Bullet-point style! Because I’ve been doing things!

  • I got a fabulous pair of green shoes- they’re very comfy. They might be a smidge too big, but I think they’ll fit perfectly in the heat of the summer. Or I could put some heel cushions in.
  • Went to a Hawks game last night with Syd, Matt and Hayley. I really enjoyed spending time with them. (I won the tickets through a contest at work.) The tickets were waaaay up in the nosebleed section, so we just sat ourselves down near the front of the section, figuring we’d move if someone said we had their seats. Nobody else claimed the seats. (Hawks lost to the Nuggets.)
  • Ended up eating peanuts for dinner, because that’s all I could find that sounded like it contained protein and no gluten. (Could have gotten the nachos with no cheese, since the chips looked like pre-packaged Tostitos, but my afternoon snack contained tortilla chips.) They were tasty, but I regretted eating so many. Especially when we got on a packed Marta train and it failed to take off. Air shut off too. Gah! Made it home, eventually.
  • I’m working on learning to actually style my hair beyond “did it happen to dry in a nice shape?” I’ve been experimenting with a curl-enhancing mousse. Seems to be working, though I haven’t quite gotten the amount and distribution down. Got a compliment on it this morning.
  • Got my sewing machine back, though they just said I needed a new bobbin case. I got one, but I didn’t really need it- I’d just forgotten to put mine back in there when I took it in. Haven’t made anything with it yet, need to make some time this weekend to test it out.
  • Abby’s birthday party was Saturday at Ormsby’s. Yay! Lots of fun to talk to friends and celebrate Abby. We’d also been invited to our neighbor D’s birthday party, but we’d told him that we had a prior commitment, but would come by if we were in the same area. Turned out that his party was at Ormsby’s, too! So we were able to go hang out with them some. A very fortunate turn of events.
  • First soccer game of the season was Sunday. Lost 3-0, but was pleased with what I saw from the team. Looking forward to practice to tune up some rusty skills!
  • Got a random call from Cousin E the other day, asking if I was in Chicago because his Dad had just seen someone walk by that looked like me. I called him back to tell him that it was a rainy day in Atlanta. We chatted about beer stuff and job stuff and it was nice to talk to him.
  • We had our neighbors J & J over for dinner. I made a whole chicken in the crockpot for the first time, using the same recipe and technique that I usually use in the oven: cut off the legs and most of the wing, tuck them in beside the rest of the bird, drizzle with olive oil & herbs. Removing some pieces early really helps with serving- just take those parts out, carve the breast, and it’s all ready to go on the plate! Also made drop biscuits with a pre-mixed gf flour, but since I only had margarine, no butter, they ended up kind of dry.

One thought on “Update!

  1. You need to keep an acceptable snacky item in purse at all times. You have a thing for green shoes. I personally have about 4 pair of red shoes, only one of which fits and many I have purchased only to give away after realizing they did not fit. Sigh. Yay for sewing machine.

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