Apparently, when I fall asleep on the couch in this house, I get a cat so desperate to snuggle that she’s ok with snuggling the top of my head if my lap/arm/leg/anything else is not available. And a husband who takes pictures of it.
When she starts waking up, she starts spreading out.
(I vaguely remember her foot in my face, hence the hand-to-forehead. I’d worked it into a dream somehow.)

Another story about Piper J and sleeping:
I’d gone to bed the other night (alone, TCB was trying to finish some dissertation stuff), and she was snuggling my left arm/shoulder. We heard a noise downstairs and the kittah reached out to cover my arm, like you might if saying, “I’m here, I’ll protect you.” I thought it was terribly cute.
And then we heard another noise (determined to be TCB opening the basement door), and she was outta there.


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