Didn’t see that one coming

Unexpectedly, but not unhappily, the rabbit is dead.

Front View
Strongbad? Or Lucha Libre mask already picked out?

Due 11/11/11, which means I’m just over 13 weeks along.

We found out on March 6th, about an hour before I had to go coach soccer practice. It went something like this (in the style of the parlor game):
I: squinted at the stick, and couldn’t believe that it had two lines. Then I went downstairs, where TCB was starting breakfast preperations. He wanted to know what was up with the test, so I explained.
She said: the line on this side means it worked. If there’s a line on this other side, that means it’s… and I’m…
He said: Holy Shit
He (did): Hugged her.
She (did): shook.
Then she: Got in the car to go to the local pharmacy for another test, in case that one was wrong.
Then he: Made bacon.

I: Peed on more things I’d paid good money for. Then I took it downstairs to show TCB, once the hourglass stopped blinking and a “Pregnant” message showed up.
She said: Nothing, just showed it to him.
He said: Yup.
She (did): stared at him.
He (did): Said, “I don’t know why, but it makes me smile.”
Then he: finished washing the french press.
Then she: got ready for soccer practice. And wondered why the message on the digital test wasn’t something more like “holy shit you’re having a baby!” or something more alarming. Or at least had an exclamation mark.
Then they: decided that the current guest room would be best for the baby’s room.

That’s about it. I went and coached soccer practice, and it took a few days for the shock of it to wear off. Then I started thinking that it was going to be pretty cool to carry a baby. And now I’m overwhelmed by the number of projects that need to get completed in the house before this alien arrival. But mostly, I’m excited and still thinking it’s pretty damn cool.

More posts have been written, more info to come.

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