Week 6? 7?

Written on 31 March. I figured I should write something down, since things were looking good! (and still are. I have another appointment today.)

We had our first appointment with the OB, Dr. V, yesterday. And she was fantastic, I really like her and I can see why my neighbor really liked her. She said that my kidney shouldn’t be a problem and that maybe we’ll do a creatinine clearance later to make sure that the good one’s still handling everything well, since my last one was in August, showed normal function. She also said that she’s comfortable with me continuing to play soccer until about 20 weeks, since I’ve already been playing. Hopefully, the other team won’t accuse me of stuffing the ball under my shirt and running down the field with it!

Then, exam time. I like that the tables recline instead of being totally flat. And the ultrasound wand was not nearly as giant or scary as I thought it would be.

When she found the little bean, its heart was going like crazy and TCB said, “whoa!” I also thought it was pretty cool. And amazing. And I felt kind of relieved that there’s really a baby in there! It’s there! We saw it! It has a heart! I don’t feel like crap just for fun!

She measured the embryo and said that it’s a little small for the supposed age and measuring 5-7 days behind what she would expect based on my dates. No big deal, she wants to see me in another 2 weeks to check on it again and get a better estimate of the due date. So, though my initial date is 11/11/11, it might move to a week later. I’m fine with that, as women who work out tend to deliver, on average, about a week early and I intend to continue working out.

After that, paperwork, bloodwork, and they gave me (us) some papers that answered most of my questions about the practice (birth plans: encouraged. Please see the midwife at least once. Classes they recommend. When to start preparing for unmedicated birth, should you choose it.) and gave me a book about pregnancy, birth and the first year. I’ve started reading it and, wow. It’s definitely encouraging no- to low-intervention birth, midwives, and other things I wouldn’t expect in a book clearly recommended by obstetricians. So, yay!

Post-appointment, I booked my next one, we went home, I worked the rest of the afternoon, and showed the blobby picture to neighbor N (who recommended this particular OB.) Our other neighbor, J, goes to the same practice and, since she’s due in the next week, has been meeting with all of the doctors in the practice (she happens to go to the same one.) During the visit, I mentioned that N said wonderful things about them all, and Dr. V and her nurse both exclaimed and said that they remembered N. I then said that my other neighbor happens to go to the practice and Dr. V remarked that she’d just met J that morning! Would have carpooled… but J doesn’t know yet.

That evening, I finally (finally!) shopped for some new bras and shirts. I have several shirts with buttons that are clearly straining with the growth of my… assets. Heck, nearly every shirt I own is straining in the chest, who am I kidding? I got a couple looser-fitting and empire-waisted tops that should fit for a little while longer, and got a few bras that fit. I initially was squeamish about finding the 36D bras, so I grabbed a couple in 36C to make sure that it wasn’t just my older bras giving out, but no. 36D is my new size for now. They are sooo much more comfortable and supportive, and I feel much more covered up, not like the girls are going to flop out all over the place. I guess I’d been putting it off until I *knew* that there’s really a baby in there and I did get a couple more than I planned because 1- I know I won’t so laundry often enough and 2- there was a bra sale.

I’m feeling:

  • Happy to have seen the little bean.
  • Unhappy that food and many smells are my enemy.
  • More unhappy that I know that heartburn feels like someone shoved a habenero under my ribs.
  • I’d really like a glass of white wine, something light and fruity.
  • I would not like a beer to come within 20 feet of me.
  • When I eat, I get heartburn if I stop when I’m full.
  • If I don’t eat, or don’t eat enough, I feel like puking (but haven’t, I just really want to.)
  • Exercising helps with those, but I’m really tired afterward.
  • Did I mention that I’m really tired (but I can’t seem to sleep without waking up for half an hour around 5am) and unable to concentrate.
  • I keep falling asleep on the couch, feet propped up on the exercise ball.
  • And I have to pee again.

6 thoughts on “Week 6? 7?

  1. I had the exact same due date issue, it was scary for someone that’s had a miscarriage so I’m glad they told you it was a non-issue.

    But I was induced at 39.5 weeks because I couldn’t take it anymore, Eli was big, and I had been waddling around with him completely engaged and 4-5 cm dilated for at least a week (they start checking at 38 weeks and I was 4 cm so who knows how long I’d been like that). So I think that my original due date was the right one.

  2. Also– I think that the whole if you don’t eat you feel sick thing runs in the family. Rhi and I both had that. It caused a fair amount of weight gain the first few months for me– then it slacked off when the morning sickness went away.

  3. Once we had the bonus ultrasound, they didn’t change the date. Still 11/11/11!
    When did you start feeling better? I know Rhiannon said it was around 15 weeks for her.

  4. Around 15 weeks. But I had this weird thing where I would eat too fast and get sick (it felt almost like the food was stuck in my throat). That lasted the whole time. But about15 weeks I started feeling much better. I had heartburn, but it was never so bad that I couldn’t eat Mexican or Italian food. Which is good, because that’s what Eli DEMANDED.

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