Second Appointment

Second appointment

I hadn’t been writing much down around week 9. I just wanted to sleep. And wanted to sleep through the night, without having to get up and eat because I was so hungry I wanted to throw up. And I wanted my clothes to fit just a little bit longer around the belly- my pooch was un-suck-innable. I had 1 pair of pants that I couldn’t really keep buttoned all day (the rest were and are still fine, since I’d lost enough weight before getting pregnant to make me consider a smaller size pant.) I’d switched to either looping a hair elestic through the buttonhole, or wearing a belly band (that I’d gotten earlier on Rhiannon’s suggestion to have one around, in order to be prepared.)

It was a fun time. Really, really fun. I was just eating french fries (with ketchup and miracle whip) for dinner, because that’s all that I could eat without dinner threatening to come back up in an hour, and I usually didn’t wake up in the middle of the night when I had fries. Lunch, I could eat anything, but dinner had to be fries. I usually took the previous night’s real dinner for lunch. Still hadn’t actually thrown up. Soccer was starting to get harder, but wasn’t sure if it was from the physical pregnancy changes or from staying on the couch when I wasn’t at work.

Anyway, the second appointment was pretty uneventful. I talked to the doctor, she asked me some more questions about what I ate and what other doctors I saw and was I changing any cat litter? (No, TCB took over that while I coached soccer that first day.) I asked if I could dye my hair (yes.) And she encouraged me to go ask my family doc (Dr. B) about getting records copied (and to let Dr. B know that I was pregnant.)

And we looked at the baby, who looked more like a baby and less like a blob this time. Heart still going, arm-stubs moving involuntarily (the front arm kept bouncing, like it was waving hi!) I had a bunch of questions about fetal development that I’d thought of before the appointment, but all I could think to say while bebe was on screen was, “Hey! Look at that!” Dr. V pointed out the arms, legs, umbilical cord, etc… It was really neat. Due date didn’t change.

She also gave me a bunch of extra copies of the sonogram. While baby had been cooperative and in profile for the measurements, it turned and we just got a full frontal take-home shot.

Tyra does say that doing all profile shots won’t make you money.

We framed the extras for our moms.

3 thoughts on “Second Appointment

  1. Glad are is looking good. Sorry about the evening nausea, but I’ve heard that should go away so you can start having weird cravings.

    Have you started to prepare Angus and Crax for the new family addition?

  2. Hello, Natalie!

    Angua and Crax seem to already know, and they knew before I did. The started getting very, very snuggly, and Crax suddenly transformed into Piper J, Lap Cat.

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