14 weeks down

Make it to 14 weeks! I still don’t feel awesome all of the time, but at least I’m not feeling crappy most of the time. It seems like the crappy feeling has gotten worse when I do feel bad, but it’s not constant.And my un-suck-innable pooch has gotten bigger. But food and I are on much better terms. For instance, salad is tasty again! Yay, salad! And I had the energy to not only plan dinner, but also go into a grocery without gagging, shop for ingredients, cook said dinner (lasagna), and eat it. Haven’t done that in a couple months.

We had an appointment this week, the first where we wouldn’t see the Alien, but we would listen to the heartbeat. That didn’t happen. Because of my anatomy, we couldn’t hear the heartbeat with the doppler, only mine, so the ob brought out the mobile ultrasound machine for a quick look. So we saw the heartbeat and the alien. No take-home pictures, just a low resolution smooshed-in-there baby on the screen. Everything looks fine, have gained 1/2 lb since last visit 4 weeks ago, blood pressure’s well into the normal range (I was so nervous at my first one that it was borderline high.) I think that TCB reminding me to think about kittens helped.

I borrowed some maternity clothes from Cousin J. The tops mostly fit, but the petite pants did not. I was really bummed that the skirts didn’t work. Since most of her clothes were for colder weather, and I had a bit of a “all 4 shirts that fit are dirty!” breakdown on Wednesday, I stopped by Motherhood Maternity after work for a few items. The woman working that night was awesome. She pointed out a bunch of things that I probably wouldn’t have picked out on my own (especially pants) and was exceedingly helpful in learning how to navigate the store. Found out that the large pants are way too huge and most of the mediums are just a *little* too tight. But after trying on all of the underbelly pants in the store, I found a pair that works and actually fits! I didn’t realize how large my regular pants had gotten after losing 15 pounds (I know I’ll gain it back, hopefully not in the same places!) So, while all but 1 pair of pants still button comfortable, I’ve been using the belly bands to hold them up. Nice to have pants that fit, and nice to have a few warm-weather tops that don’t flaunt the pooch. (I still couldn’t shake the “Aaaah! Elastic waistband jeans!” feeling, though.)

I wore a new outfit on Thursday and felt put-together, wearing clothes that fit. Near the end of the day, a maintenance worker showed up over the wall of my cubicle, saing that he had to remove a panel to run some wire. He apologized in his sounded-like-Rusiian accent, then asked how the baby was. Shocked, I realized that I was leaning back in my chair, with extra post-lunch pooch. He explained that his sister-in-law was having a baby soon and had the big [made motion for belly], didn’t I have one too? I laughed, said “shh!” and shook my head.


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