Nuchal translucency

On the way to the 12-week scan, we first learned that traffic can really back up on the road right off the interstate (on the way to the office). I’m glad I left extra-early, so I arrived on time.

Once I got to the right office (and TCB found me, since we drove seperately), we got all set up for the nuchal translucency screening. The technician was pretty awesome. She explained all of what we were seeing on screen, starting with the nuchal fold. She showed us where she was looking, what the “worry” size range was, and the size of Alien’s fold (small, well below start-to-worry range.) Then, because she wasn’t getting a god picture and I clearly still had to pee, she asked if I wanted to, and when I explained about the kidneys, she checked them both out really quickly (right one: still huge. Left one, still tiny, but didn’t have much in it at the time.) So I tried to get anything out, without much success (start of a UTI, found out later), and we went on with the scan. We looked at the legs (crossed at the ankles), the arms, saw hat baby has a developed nasal bone, has both hemisheres of the brain, jaw bones, and a belly full of fluid (which is good). We listened to the blood in the cord, watched the baby bounce up and down, and then, because she wasn’t getting a clear enough picture due to my anatomy, switched from one kind of sensor to another, finally ending with the trans-vaginal one to get clear images of the baby.

Side view
Blurry, belly sensor view

It was really neat to see the baby moving around and really awesome that the technician explained everything that she saw. I hadn’t realized that the beginnings of all these structures would be so identifiable. We also learned that the baby totally looks like an alien.

Alien View
Clear view

(Results of the n/t screening came back normal, everything looks good!)


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