Social norms

The other day, at work, I was returning to my floor after a meeting via elevator. I was the only one in that elevator at the time, and I was standing front and center, ready to get out when it reached my floor. Before I could even step forward as the doors opened, a pair of women started walking in, barging past me and making my exit difficult because they were physically in the way. Which made their entry difficult, because I wanted to get off of the elevator. One did look at me and say, “excuse me!” as though I was impeding their way.

But as we passed in the narrow doorway, my bag knocked the pen off of her clipboard and, as I kept walking, I heard it clatter down the elevator shaft while they semi-exclaimed about losing a (company provided) pen.

For some reason, I didn’t feel bad.


2 thoughts on “Social norms

  1. Um, wow. That has been considered rude ever since Moses said, “Let my people go [from the elevator before attempting to enter the elevator].”

    Just saying, it’s a pretty long standing rule.

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