Veggie noms

For our wedding, Maegen gave us a really neat bbq basket with everything we’d need for a full dinner on the grill (which will all be getting heavy use while we tear apart our kitchen.) In it, she super-decorated with some dog treats shaped like celery, corn, carrots, and ribs. Before we left for the honeymoon, we didn’t give any to Angus, mostly because we wanted to watch him in case they caused a seizure (not sure why some treats do that.)

So, we sort of forgot about the treats. The basket became the place for everything grill-related in our house (very convenient to have it all in one spot), and we didn’t remember the treats at the bottom of the basket until a few weeks ago when, in trying to clean out the basement for a yard sale, we went through all of it and found spots for everything in our cabinets. (The most-often used stuff had sorted itself to the top.)

Since now the treats were old and untried, we put them on the dining room table to await their fate, whatever that might be. (The table’s blocked right now with kitchen renovation materials, Angus can’t counter-surf them off for his own devices.) I think we decided to distribute them to neighbor’s dogs with stronger stomachs, but the cat had other ideas. She’s been stealing them off the table and eating them.

Just the celery so far. Maybe she thinks they’re better for her diet?


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