16 weeks. Sick.

I am sick. It’s awesome. Went to the doc, she pronounced it strep throat, and I’m on antibiotics. Fever seems to be coming down, but my throat is still killing me. And I seem to have developed a cold on top of it. Yay, compromised immune system!

Otherwise, I’m feeling ok. Itchy to get over this sickness and out walking or running before I get larger, and feeling much more positive about life in general (and life with future baby). I think we can do this. TCB and I talked about making sure I still get to soccer once I’m able again, and we worked on the timing of me going back to school. And now, I can see that my pooch doesn’t go away when I’m laying down- there’s definitely a large softball lodged in my abdomen just below and to the right of my belly button. TCB thinks it’s weird that I like to poke it. Poke poke poke!

While I was at the doctor (ended up meeting the partner of my usual doc, who was out that day), she was so excited about le bebe. Said that her favorite part, as she got bigger, was going to the mall and grocery and the older ladies exclaiming over her, wanting to know all about how it’s going. Strangers, she said, but it’s so funny that they want to know!

I think the standing-up bump is tiny and still a little “might be beer gut-ish”, but it apparently doesn’t look that way to other people. While I was in the grocery after the appointment, getting food while waiting for the antibiotics script to get filled, and I had to steer around little old lady shopping with her husband (he was in a motorized chair with a basket) in an aisle. Partway around, the husband started backing up and turning, but the lady stopped him and said, “Careful! We don’t want you running into the baby!”


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