17 weeks, getting better

I’m still recovering from that strep/cold combo. That just really knocked me for a loop.

In other news, my pants don’t fit. I put on my largest-waisted work-appropriate pants (that fit with extra room 2 weeks ago), and they didn’t really close. I mean, I *could* close them, but it wasn’t going to be comfortable for long, and probably would break some threads if I sat down. So I zipped them up and covered the unbuttoned parts with a belly band. But the formerly-scary elasic-waisted maternity pants: awesome. (Though the over-belly pants are still scary. Underbelly pants are much more comfortable. I just don’t like more stuff pressing on my abdomen than necessary at this point.)

I’m finding it pretty comforting that the pooch is growing into a bump. Haven’t felt really anything in the way of movement, besides the random “flutters”that I felt a few weeks ago. They disappeared for a couple weeks, and now they’re back. They were lower before, and now they’re higher (in appropriate spots, based on uterine smooshedness and position at the times.) So, maybe it’s the alien moving, maybe I’m making things up. I am looking forward to the unmistakable “it’s alive!” movements.

I can still poke at it, and I’ve noticed the hard lump is only on my right side. It’s grown up, but it’s staying well to the right of my belly button. It’s especially weird when I lay down, this lopsided belly.

I had a dream where I had curly blonde hair, and gave birth a little prematurely, while TCB was out of town. But it was easy! And over quickly! And the baby was tiny, but healthy, so we left the hospital within hours of the birth.
Or maybe I was out of town, since I came “home” to the old guest room at the Fun Home. The outside of the building was the house behind a hill that’s always under construction in my dreams (looked like just landscaping was left, though.) Cousin John drove me home, with Jennifer and the baby in the back. When they stopped to let me out at the front door, Jennifer handed the baby up to me and said, “You forgot to see if it’s a boy or a girl!” So we unwrapped it, and it had an adorable bright pink cloth diaper on, and was a girl. A tiny little girl. And then she and I went upstairs to that guest room.

Then again, I had another dream last night where we went to the hospital and waited and waited and waited for days for labor to start, but it never did. More people just started showing up in my room, people from work that I barely know. They mostly played cards. So TCB and I wandered out into the hallway, where every woman was in labor, and we walked down the hall and out of the hospital to the climbing course in the back, where I tried to climb, but couldn’t get over the last step of, a ladder made of rocks and trees. Fortunately, I could just go one step down and get on the ground. The German people in hiking boots were very helpful.

Pictures! We took these Wednesday, at 16 weeks, 5 days
With slouch

Not slouching:
Standing up straight


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