The other thing

The other big news this week?

TCB got home (late) from work on Tuesday, and brought me rice like I’d asked for (I think the text read something like, “WE NEED RICE”, because I’d gotten it stuck in all caps and needed to get the message to him asap, since he was leaving work, where’s there’s a Publix right nearby). He asked me to help him take the recycling out (featured in the weekly pics right now. Orange bag for paper goods, blue bin for everything else): he’d get the bag if I’d bring him the paper. And I did wonder why he didn’t hook the light, small bag of paper stuff over his arm when he took the blue bag out, but whatever. I got the rice started, then grabbed the bag and walked outside to the porch.

And found this:
Mother's Day/Anniversary/Birthday present from TCB

With card each for Mother’s Day, our 2nd anniversary, and my birthday.
And a card for each occasion

And I read them, and maybe blamed the spicy salsa I’d eaten for making me teary-eyed. TCB thought that I might want to edit video and photos a little faster in the near future, and maybe have my own computer capable of video chatting.

And then we set it up (I’m still getting everything set up). Holy crap, iMacs have changed in the 9 years since I got the iMuffin. It’s so shiny! And the screen so bright! And when I click on a program, the mouse responds right away and the program opens, and the computer doesn’t complain to me that it’s full, go delete some stuff! The new mouse is pretty slick, too. That definitely improved since the first mighty mouse (a previous birthday present, I was sad when it stopped working.)

Got my old data transferred over last night.
Transfer time

Now we’re trying to figure out what to do with the iLamp. Thinking about clearing it out and making it a recipe computer for the kitchen. I still love that screen design.

One thought on “The other thing

  1. Congratulations on the new addition. The keyboard looks very thin. I like the kitchen recipe computer idea.

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