Week 18- Progressing

Whoa! This thing is growing! I’m surprised at how sore I feel in my lower abdomen and along my sides without having really done anything, because of the growing and pooching in the last couple of days. The hard bump has grown and it’s starting to even out and cross my bellybutton line. When I lay down, my pooch is still lopsided, but not by nearly as much. Still no definitive “that’s a baby in there!” movement, though it felt like I did get a couple of good pokes last weekend during Mom’s birthday cookout. The pooch is starting to look a bit more “baby!” instead of “too much beer!”, but it’s still in transition.

Also surprising: how freaking hungry I am. If I don’t pack two snacks and a good lunch for work, I’m extremely tempted by the vending machine (of all the things in there, I can only eat the Cheetos and some of the potato chips. Not the best options, really.) And then I need a snack when I get home, because we often eat dinner so late (because TCB teaches until 9pm some nights, and we like to eat together.) I finished today’s lunch of taco kickasserole with a good portion of green beans, and contemplated having my snack immediately afterward. Fortunately, a coworker came by before I started my snack and asked if I wanted to get frozen yogurt. Yes!

Food cravings: Wings, medium heat. And a wedge salad, with bacon crumbles, tomatoes, blue cheese crumbles, and honey mustard dressing. And cereal, something I haven’t wanted in … years? I’ve nearly finished a box of honey nut rice chex in a few days.

No dreams to speak of, just a lot of trying to get comfortable at night. The pooch is big enough when I lay on my side that I want something under it, like part of the blanket, but not big enough that a pillow would help. While it was skewed all the way to the right side, laying on my right side was pretty uncomfortable, but it’s gotten better over the last couple days as the bump migrated.

Had a checkup this week, it went well. We finally got to hear the heartbeat, it went “whoosh-a whoosh-a whoosh-a whoosh-a.” It was pretty cool, and weird to think that there’s a whole separate heart beating in me, one that’s not entirely mine. Also scheduled the 20-week anatomy ultrasound and I had blood drawn for the AFP screening (testing for spina bifida). The nurse took blood from the side of my arm, near the elbow, instead of the usual spot. Still hurt, mostly because I wasn’t expecting the poke right *there*, but the poked site was much easier to deal with later. No bruise in a joint, just a little sore spot on my arm. (AFP screening came back normal.)

I’m back to running, finally, after the sickness. Went out last night with Neighbor and, though we didn’t run very far because she’s recovering from stomach flu, I wanted to run more. Woo! Running itself feels pretty normal, still. When I ran last weekend at Mom’s (in heat, still recovering from the cold), I could definitely see the upcoming need for some kind of belly support, though, as the bouncing isn’t too comfortable.

When we visited Mom this past weekend, she got out the tubs of baby stuff she’d kept, and we went through it. No matter what, this kid will have _something_ to wear, and will be extra-adorable. I thought the clothes that Mom had worn as an infant were especially interesting. Even if we don’t really use them ourselves, the shapes of the shirts were neat enough that I might try to make a little pattern based on them.

I’m still dreading figuring out a registry. With the house so torn up right now, the thought of bringing anything else into it, no matter how small, makes me a little crazy. I’m sure it’ll subside once this kitchen is reassembled. We have decided to just focus on one thing right now: diapers. We’ve already decided to cloth diaper (for many reasons), and now I’m doing the research on them (we divvied up the research tasks, this one just happens to be mine.) So many options! So many cute, adorable options! So many things to learn! We’re both intrigued by the all-in-one diapers, for speed and efficiency when changing, but not too thrilled about having to wash the entire thing for every little pee. Fitted/prefolds + a cover we like better in terms of washing, but the thought of having to get 2 items on the kid for a change seems like a lot of error could get introduced into the system. gDiapers seem like the best of both worlds, but they have so many parts and pieces that it feels like a commitment to pick those. So, in our heads, gDiapers (with prefolds) by day with nighttime AIOs (with extra stuffing) seems like a system that has maximum washing efficiency combined with minimum error. But that’s just on paper. Who’s to say that that these are the diapers that will fit our kid best? Or that we’ll like snaps better than velcro? Or are the kinds that the daycare will use? Maybe they’ll require AIOs for cloth-diapering babies. Maybe they won’t allow them at all. (Though not allowing them would put them low on our list. The daycare at work won’t be opening until Summer 2012 instead of early spring 2012, as previously announced. One more thing to research! And to think about!) So, we’ll probably get a few to start, and see what works for us and fits the alien, and go from there.

Pooch pic!
Side pooch

P.S. Looking for uncovered belly pics? We’ve been taking those, too. I’ve posted them to Flickr, visible to friends & family because enough creeps find my photos as it is. Plus, I feel that the sasquatchiness of the front view might be too much for the average viewer. I don’t want to be responsible for anyone getting the vapors. If you feel you’re mis-grouped in my Flickr contact list, send me a message!


2 thoughts on “Week 18- Progressing

  1. How about getting one diaper of several types in x-small. You don’t necessarily need to worry too much about having a full stash of x-smalls because baby will outgrow them way fast, and you can supplement with some sposies if you need to. Then you can see what you like and start deal hunting before baby outgrows the x-smalls.

    Here’s what I *personally* would get if I was going to go that route.

    A bumgenius AIO
    A fuzzibunz AIO
    A Thirsties cover
    A Thirsties Fab Fitted
    A Bummis Super Whisper Wrap cover
    A Kissaluvs Size 0 Fitted
    A gDiaper
    And a handful of Green Mountain Diaper prefolds
    A couple snappies

    You can frequently find good deals on smalls and xsmalls on diaperswappers.com because kids dont’ wear them long and people sell them to fund later purchases.

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