Game report: Clash at Flames, 3-4 L

(Happy Father’s Day, Dad.)

The game started at a different field than it was supposed to. Apparently, the goals were all stolen from the designated summer field, Avondale, on Friday night. Kind of impressed that they got away with more than 8 goals without getting caught. Also glad that the game was moved: Blackburn has more grass on their fields.

So, we started in 2-3-1 formation, which worked pretty well, felt like we had everything covered. Even though we lost the game, we scored more in this game than we did all last season. So many shots on goal, so many passes between players. And every goal was by and assisted by a different person. In my 20-30 minutes of play, I even had an assist. I really liked how clean of a game the Clash played, too. Even though the other team was clearly getting frustrated by us shooting and scoring (apparently, our reputation precedes us), we kept cool and didn’t break down our play. The other team… yeah. Half their players just wanted to play and not get too worked up and the other half were out for blood. Seemed like a direct correlation between height and intensity.
The goals against us mostly came from breakdowns on restarts. Only 1 (the last one) was a good play by the other team. Of the others, 2 were immediately after we scored and we didn’t pressure the ball and stayed spread out on defense, still stationary, and the other was after an indirect kick against us, similar story: stationary.
Our goals came from errors on the opposing keeper:
1) a rebound off the opposing keeper: Liz shot, keeper slapped it, Amber put it in the net.
2) a slick play where the keeper chose to kick the ball instead of pick it up, and Phu simply took it when the keeper whiffed the ball, and made a little dribble-pass into the goal
3) the set play at the penalty mark (their keeper had punted instead of drop-kicked, against the summer rules), so we got an indirect kick at the penalty mark (all free kicks are indirect in summer.) I tapped it forward and Trayton kicked it in, top right corner.

Topic for next practice: restarts!

If this does end up being my last game, or my second-to-last game, at least it was a good one. While practice may be fine, playing with even one out-for-blood member on the other team doesn’t feel so hot. Will have a nice bruise at my elbow from another player elbowing me while going for a header. I’m not totally comfortable with it, and not comfortable with having very little to come back at the other player with.
Also- my jersey’s pretty tight now. I think the temporary end of my playing days will coincide with outgrowing the #4 jersey.


2 thoughts on “Game report: Clash at Flames, 3-4 L

  1. Congrats on pulling the team more together. And congrats on the assist.

    Thank you for the Father’s day mention-it sounds like your day was excellent.

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