The Kitchen

The kitchen is in progress. It’s taken longer than we’d hoped, but it’s looking so much better than expected. (Pictures are mostly small because there are a lot of them, click for the larger versions.)
We started with this:
Before - oven side Before - sink side
The problems? Not enough drawer space, the linoleum floor wasn’t so awesome (and had holes in it from dropping knives), not much usable countertop space after adding the knives, cooking utensils, drying dishes and coffee paraphernalia, the tops of the cabinets were still unfinished (covered by “curtains” made by Mom from kitchen towels), old-looking doors.
We liked: The cabinets themselves, the slightly-higher-than-normal countertop, the appliances we’d already put in, the tallness of the cabinets (we discovered that when we took down the soffet).
So, after picking out our floor, extra cabinets, countertop and backsplash one weekend,
TCB decided it was time for the linoleum to go.
Large sheet
And, while I stayed in bed with the strep/cold combo, he made it disappear. And when I could help, I (with help from Seester and Meghan) packed up the contents.
Packing up Now it's empty.
And he sanded the subfloor, then screwed the sheets down to the joists before we filled the dings. He also accidentally glued all the parts of his shopvac together from removing the glue under the linoleum paper.
I sanded half the cabinets, and we cleaned them with mineral spirits. I also did some priming.
Probably the cleanest our kitchen has ever been Cleaning with mineral spirits
Over Memorial Day weekend, TCB installed the new floor while Meghan and I painted cabinets. When we removed the sink-side upper cabinets, we found that they were just attached to the wall by the backs with 7-10 nails, not all of them into studs. Scary to think about all that we’d put into them.
Painters! Looking inside Extraordinary painting helper
Kitchen, with new floor
I finished the weekend by hiding the facenailing holes of the floor. Did it with a combination of Old English scratch cover for dark wood and a brown Sharpie. (Also, the floor is a dark-stained bamboo, for those wondering.)
Again, the holes And here, I've colored the putty
To address the lack of countertop space and the lack of drawers, we added 2 cabinets on the sink side. We also left and open space next to the wall (under the counter) for our recycling bin (with plans to add a hole in the counter, for easy access.) TCB did an excellent job of installing them, even if he cringed at drilling holes in the new floor. Soon after this, the measure was done for the new countertop.
Installed cabinet
Now that he floor was finished and the lower cabinets started with paint, it was time to pay attention to the upper cabinets. TCB needed to install backs, tops, and additional face frame pieces to the unfinished parts. and we wanted to box in the vent duct. I kept painting. I’m not sure when we decided to paint the backs of cabinets green, but we’d done it because I thought all-white would be too much. After painting them, I started second-guessing the decision. TCB removed the cooktop and vent hood before starting work on the upper cabinets.
Straightening face frame additions Leaning the back up against it Checking on boxing in vent
But after installation (which I don’t have a picture of yet), I love the green back. We attached the upper cabinets with screws and additional bracing on the bottom, too. Before the countertop could be installed, the old one needed to leave. We kept the sink in the kitchen by placing it on rails (extra pieces of flooring). About this time, TCB added a much-needed outlet to the oven side. I think that’s my favorite part of the renovation so far.

With the countertop gone, I could more easily access the cabinets underneath to paint.
The rest of it- gone Priming
With the countertop originally promised last Thursday, with a revision of yesterday (Saturday) after calling, we stayed up late on Friday night painting those areas that would become hard to access after installation.
Late night painting
8am came early the next day, when they called to say they’d be there in the next 20 minutes. So we got dressed and got the oven reinstalled before they arrived (to get it out of the middle of the kitchen.)
The countertop installation didn’t really happen. The cooktop side was 5-6 inches short of the cabinets, and the sink side pieces didn’t meet up. One side was a poor measure, the other was the manufacturer reading the plan correctly (instead of putting the seam in the usual place, she drew it to go over a cabinet, so the join would be supported.) The installers apologized profusely, and left the pieces that could fit in place, so we could use part of our kitchen. While disappointing, I’m glad they left some pieces. We have been able to see that we do need to ask them to build up the bottom of countertop when they come back, which we didn’t think we’d need to do, because it’s really easy to pinch fingers between the countertop and the dishwasher. Will also give more separation between the drawer fronts and the countertop. (We went with a beefier edge than is standard, because it was a free upgrade with a special the company store was running.)
So close. Preview
We got more done with the rest of the day, installing the vent hood and getting more primed and painted. I finished most of the stove-side cabinets thoroughly before remembering that the backs would get painted green (TCB also apparently forgot, he just came upstairs and told me that he’d finished the part I’d missed.)

Installed vent hood Need more paint!

And that’s where we are today.  Still painting, still wishing for countertops. Our next steps, post-countertops, include painting the cabinet backs, tiling the backsplash, moving the light and painting the ceiling. And making doors and drawer fronts. And we should make a decision about the white dishwasher and fridge- to we try black appliance paint, or think about eventually looking for replacements for our perfectly-good appliances? Or do nothing? (My vote right now). A long way to go still, but it’s going nicely so far.


4 thoughts on “The Kitchen

  1. Great job! Too bad about the countertop. We too are having problems with the new quartz countertop which should have been installed last Monday. The mismeasurement/wrong cutting means sink and cooktop part won’t be in until this Friday.

    Keep your appliances as is. They can always be replaced later if you wish. Matching everything is apparently no longer de rigueur.

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