Week 19: Busy

This week, the pooch grew, I painted in the kitchen, and the alien started kicking away enough for me to recognize that yup! That’s the alien! The first night that I recognized it, the alien kicked like crazy post-painting (and post-soccer). Seemed like it was doing a kicking tour of the whole space, starting at the top and working its way down. I poked it a bunch when it get uncomfortable for me, and it restarted back at the top. Some kicks were strong enough for me to see from the outside, though I could only tell that they were kicks because I could also feel them from the inside. TCB started at my belly for a while that night, unable to distinguish kicks from me breathing. It’s pretty neat to feel it move, and pretty reassuring at the end of the day, but weird to have something in me moving around independently. Besides working at work and working at home, I haven’t had much time to even think about much of anything else.

Soccer practice started back up this week, and it was so, so nice to get back on the field and get moving in a way that wasn’t walking or plain running. Besides the lower-pooch stretching feeling, I’m feeling pretty good, just a little slower, and definitely still able to kick a ball pretty well. Going to attempt the soccer game today, but will probably stick to a substitute-only role because of the heat. Boo. I do have some pain at the front of my pelvis that I’m going to ask about at my next appointment, since it doesn’t seem quite normal to already feel like waddling some days.

The wing sauce obsession continues, as does the one with wedge salad with tomatoes, bacon, blue cheese crumbles and honey mustard dressing. Yeah. Could totally go for some of that right now, despite having it for dinner last night. And the leftover wings for lunch today.

Preparation-wise, I’ve acquired a few of the items Rhiannon suggested in the last post, and am stalking diaperswappers.com forums for the rest. I have to say that, just playing with them, I’m not a snaps fan. Neither is TCB, but I could see how they’d be handy if the kid’s all about playing with velcro: they’re difficult to open and close! I’ve started looking into childbirth classes, too, and found a 4-week Lamaze-based series at the closest hospital (DeKalb Medical) (which is not the one at which I’ll be delivering, Piedmont), but closer seems better for classes. I found out that Abby’s mom used to be a Lamaze instructor. She gave me some tips on how to find a class and told us some funny stories about teaching, including the story of a couple where the dad-to-be couldn’t watch any of the videos in the class because he was too squeamish and, out of the 500 couples she instructed, they were the only ones that ended up delivering the baby themselves on the way to the hospital. (Also, they’d pulled over in a neighborhood and a woman out getting her newspaper asked what was wrong. He said something to effect of “she’s having a baby, we need some towels!” and the woman came back with a roll of paper towels.)

We, um, failed to take the usual pictures this past week, so enjoy this picture of us with the Home Depot mascot, Homer D. Poe, from the IT picnic at work on Friday.
With the mascot

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