I don’t know if I can compete with Sunday’s 3-posts-in-one-day extravaganza. But here are some updates:

  • The countertop installers came back Tuesday with pieces of the correct length to all fit together. Unfortunately, they’d forgotten to put the hole in the "correct" piece from last time, so it had to be returned to the shop for that addition. But the sink and cooktop parts stayed, and we can use all our kitchen pieces again this evening. (I say "correct" because it wasn’t, according to the drawing. The actual correct piece was the sink part, the penninsula part should have been made as an L-shape to put the join over a cabinet, not over air.) Friday, they should be back to resinstall the cut piece.
  • I totally used the bump to get what I wanted when they were installing the countertop Tuesday. The previous installers had asked if we wanted the top built up a little, so that there was more height between , but we figured that it’d be fine without. With the parts they left, we noticed that it was really, really easy to pinch fingers in between the countertop and the dishwasher, and the clearance to the drawer fronts was really tight.
  • Speaking of Friday, I go in for the big 20-week anatomy ultrasound that morning. I keep waking up at night, afraid that the ultrasound tech tells us if it’s a boy or girl. Or the doctor does on the following Monday. Or the untrasound tech for my renal ultrasound next week mentions it.
  • Renal ultrasound next week is just for a baseline for my new urologist, in case something goes wrong later. Other tests are showing normal kidney function. Not expecting to find anything new.
  • Coincidence- this urologist did his residency with the one I saw in Louisville.
  • We have primed all the cabinets, and have a first coat on nearly everything, second coat on most of the cabinets.
  • Yesterday morning, I noticed a giant roach while I was in the shower. It crawled along the wall next to the ceiling, easy to see without my glasses. So I got out of the shower, wrapped up in a towel and grabbed a shoe. I tapped along the wall to get it to a position where I could smack it, but when I did smack it, it fell on me. TCB got an early wakeup with my shrieks. We couldn’t find it, so it either went down the drain or has hidden.
  • I really, really like the new undermount sink. It looks nice, easy to sweep counter stuff into it, and it’s deep.
  • Women’s World Cup starts Sunday. I am so, so excited.

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