20 weeks, halfway?

I feel great. Not looking forward to this weekend being my last soccer game (though, the one last weekend was so awesome, I don’t want to go out on a less-awesome one.) The pooch is much bigger, but I’m not feeling like it’s a hindrance or anything, just … there. I really like under-belly pants, and I’ve come to dislike pants and bands that cover all or part of pooch. Belly band folded in half? ok. The whole thing? Uncomfortable, I feel like I’m a whale. (I know the pooch is still small, I just feel huge with tight fabric.) The pants that the bands hold up? Also uncomfortable- they come up too high in the front.

The only crazy dreams I’ve had have been about the technician telling us the sex of the baby, despite us saying we didn’t want to know. And about the receptionist telling me that insurance wasn’t covering the prenatal visits like they said they would and I owed co-pay on all the visits so far. (Rest of me dreams have been about soccer, both playing and watching.)

No new cravings, just wing sauce and cereal (not together). Really, I want crunchy things, like carrots and cucumbers and chips, but cereal’s easier to keep at home and at my desk. And it’s better for me than chips (and crunchier! My desk-neighbors probably love me.)

In alien news, we had our 20-week anatomy scan this morning. The ultrasound technician was awesome, no worries about accidentally finding out: she didn’t even look. We didn’t want to know, and her policy is not to look unless the parent(s) want to know or something else is wrong (and I’d want to know the sex if something was wrong, too.) But everything looked fine! Baby has a 4-chambered heart that was beating away (she told us the bpm, but I’ve forgotten it), we listened to it. Blood flow in and out looked fine. Heart still goes “Whoosh-a whoosh-a whoosh-a whoosh-a”. And it has both kidneys, both seem to be fine (yaaaay! Should I feel jealous that the kid has more functional organs than I do?) Has brains. Has a spine. Has a belly that looks like it needs a zerbert. Has both feet & both hands- one hand by its face, the other out like a a softball (or baseball) mitt. Weight estimate: 11oz.

The alien is all over on my right side, like I thought, and it’s lying sideways, bent at the waist. The head’s over on my right side, the butt’s nearest my belly button, and the feet are exactly where I thought: kicking the top and right side of my uterus. When we started, it was in great position for the anatomy scan, and it wiggled and moved and turned so that, by the end, it was in great position for a face picture. (Most of the time, it looked like an alien.) Took us a couple of tries to get a clear shot because of the wiggling and hand by the face, but we got one:
The Alien

I think it looks like it’s related to me.

The other thing I learned today? That ultrasound gel is remarkably hard to get out of my bellybutton, which has changed shape dramatically. It’s like a little bowl now, less like the one I’d gotten used to. But the stretching seems to be getting my appendectomy scar to fade and loosen up, so maybe it’ll go back closer to the pre-surgery shape? It had gone back roughly to the old shape for about a week before the enlargement sped up.

This weekend, we’re headed out to the shops to figure out where we might want to register by trying out the big items. And my co-pay dream? Got a refund check from my insurance today for over-payment.

Pooch pics (from last Sunday):

Not big Not a dark shirt this time


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