“Watching” the World Cup

World Cup! Started the day of my last soccer game until this alien makes an earthly appearance. Will it help ease the temporary loss of competitive sport? Or will it make me more antsy to get out on the field? Who knows?! But watching the competition is a little like a sport in itself.

At work, I bring up both the Fifa play-by-play and ESPN’s Gamecast. ESPN’s play-by-play has more information, like who took the shot, where it went, who assisted, and they have a little animation to show how the shot/goal was set up. Fifa’s commentary is brief, but runs pretty close to game time (ESPN is about 3 minutes behind.) It also doesn’t freeze up and runs the whole length of the half. ESPN’s commentary seems to skip about 15 minutes in the second half of each game and doesn’t include anything in injury time (unless it’s fairly important, but it’s still just marked as a really loooong last minute 45 or 90, instead of a 90+3 time.)

Fifa says: Brazil tries a shot on goal, but it is off-target.
ESPN says: Attempt missed. Cristiane (Brazil) left footed shot from outside the box misses to the right. Assisted by Formiga.

At home, if I couldn’t watch the game live, I’ll bring it up on the Google Box and stream it from ESPN3 onto the tv. If I "watched" the game at work, I’ll listen to it while making dinner/painting in the kitchen, but if I didn’t (like the Norway/Equatorial Guyana game today), I’ll watch it during dinner. TCB doesn’t mind.

I’m a disappointed that, unlike the men’s games, ESPN doesn’t put up video highlights in the Gamecast. For the men’s games, they had highlights of most shots on goal, as well as the goals. I figured that they’d at least have video clips of the goals for the women’s games. At least with streaming it later, I can catch the highlights and more.


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