So that crib we got, the one supposedly made in North Carolina (or Virginia), according to all the signage and pamphlets?

Promises, promises

We put it together last night, and found something quite interesting.
Waaaait a minute

Someone has apparently forgotten to update their literature and other advertising.


4 thoughts on “Had

  1. We like it, it’s still pretty sturdy and well-made, and I found articles about Stanley closing most of the VA plant and moving the manufacturing overseas. We’re mostly unhappy that the advertising wasn’t updated, so the big signs next to the crib- not correct.

  2. Even if we returned it our options would be:
    1) Buy a crib made in China,
    2) Make our own crib, or
    3) Buy a crib made in China.

    We’re expending quite a bit of effort looking for things made in the US and Europe but some items are simply near impossible (such as an electronic baby monitor). And, eventually, just to get things done, a person has to give in.

    The number of things made in China is simply stunning. Whether one’s motivation is to avoid potentially toxic products or is in protest of unfair trade practices, buying nothing from China is difficult.

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