Week 22, getting behind

Last week’s update! In time for 23 weeks. (pretend that I published this last week, since that’s when I wrote it, and I don’t feel like editing tense.)

I’m in a better mood this week about this thing. Not overjoyed, but not resenting it too much.

Also, I am tired. And hungry. And overwhelmed with all the stuff that needs to happen at work, at home, and at home for the kid. Plus, learning about stuff, like what _do_ I want to write down for a birth plan besides “I don’t know you, don’t touch me”, or what kind of detergent is on the “approved for cloth diapers” list that we also don’t mind using, or figuring out how wide each door will be in the “new” kitchen and how much lumber to purchase. TCB has similar things to learn, but his list includes learning about how to install crown moulding, coping saws, and neatly caulking. I am finding other people at work to take on tasks for me so I don’t get so overwhelmed, too.

Made our reservation to go on the maternity wing tour at Piedmont. And am looking into birthing classes, though I’m not looking forward to the process of getting it out, no matter how ready for it I might be by that point. I’d like to take a multi-week one with the class goal of unmedicated childbirth, but I can only find reliable links for the hospital-based saturday classes. I’m thinking: sign up for the day-long hospital one, take it sooner rather than later, and see if they have suggestions for other classes if we want to learn more.

I keep having dreams about the alien dying inside me, and either nobody believing me or not being able to make an appointment (reason: what are they going to do about it anyway?) They’re unpleasant dreams. Sleeping is getting a little awkward because I want something under the pooch to support it, but not so much that the pooch gets shoved up, and I don’t want whatever it is to take up much room. Right now, I’m rolling up an extra blanket under it and thinking about some kind of pillow.

My belly button is disappearing. Flattening out and going away. I can see now how much of it was cut open for my appendectomy: pretty much all of it, plus some.

I’m researching support belts for running. Running in the Peachtree felt great, but my pooch was very sore from the bouncing for a couple days after. Also: the Peachtree was fun! I only waddled a little of it, ran some of it, and walked most of it. It seemed shorter than last year, and I enjoyed spending the time with TCB (who kept track of me and encouraged me when I got to the waddling “was this even a good idea?” parts.)

The alien: Kicking away. For reals. Seems to get extra-super-active while I watch soccer games and while I listen to crappy music. Otherwise, just really active any time I chill out for a second. If I run, it sleeps longer. More incentive to run! Forgot to mention: last week at the Dr. appointment we had a hard time finding the heartbeat because it was moving so much. We’d find it… and then it would move. Already chasing the baby!

Other prepare-for-alien stuff: we got the stroller! We were walking around Decatur with M&D over the 4th of July weekend, and stopped into my favorite running store. They had last year’s BOB stroller in the window, on sale, in the color we want. And they sold the infant seat adapter/snack tray to us for half off. Done and done. I like the running strap better on the older model- it’s attached to the rear axle and long enough that, should I fall, I won’t pull the stroller over backwards with me, and it’s set up to engage the parking break with a sharp tug. (The new model’s strap is about 6 inches long and attached only to the handlebar, and the safety of it concerns me enough that I wouldn’t use it.) Yeah, it limits our car seat choices down to 5, 3 of which don’t have awesome reviews and 2 of which are as expensive as the crib (more once we get the extra seat base for the cars), but the stroller itself is done. With the diapers that I got based on Rhiannon’s suggestions and a few onesies I picked up on sale, we’re prepared for it to sleep, poop, dress and have non-vehicular transportation. (I guess a crib mattress would probably be helpful for one of those, but… details.)

We also got started on a mobile for the room while M&D were here. We broke out the WhiteWings airplane set TCB got me for our first (paper) anniversary, and TCB, George, Dawn and I each made one. Now: looking for a mobile frame that uses clips. I’ve seen them for greeting cards, just not sure where to purchase.

And the conversion of the guest room into a nursery has begun. Really, I needed to take down the bed to set up the inflatable mattress, since our one of our weekend guests is tall and the guest room bed is short with a footboard, but the bed frame will go into storage in the basement (once we have the yard sale), and the futon mattress will go into a couch frame purchased with that yard sale profit. Got a bunch of boxes hiding under that bed moved, and put tablecloths away in their proper spot instead of shoved in the dresser. Next steps: assemble crib, take up carpet, paint trim.

Pooch pics, Peachtree edition (21w3d):
Side- Cropped

One thought on “Week 22, getting behind

  1. You have more ‘stuff’ to do than I did. Just do what is essential if you feel overwhelmed; the rest will take care of itself.

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