23 weeks, tired

I’m tired this week. We assembled the crib (and found the sticker), and we took up the rug in the room, and TCB installed trim and crown molding in the kitchen. I had jury duty Monday, was selected to be in a juror pool. When we first lined up, I was potential juror 55, but someone didn’t show, so they had to bring in another potential juror and renumber us. Then, I became potential juror 58. Mostly meant I had a better seat in the courtroom benches. 2 days of juror selection! Which just got me behind in my work at work. And I had a late-night phone call for a planned code change, so staying up for that + jury duty + lots of work = tired. I did get to do some shopping in Decatur during lunch breaks (found an outfit for the alien for next fall on sale), so that was nice. So was getting to check out Farm Burger (yum, need to get some hamburger buns at Pure Knead.) Thought about stopping in for a pedicure, but didn’t want to push it and I wasn’t wearing good shoes for one anyway.

My pooch is starting to firm up into a bump and people at work that I haven’t told directly are starting to notice. It’s official- I totally look like I’m with child. No hiding it now! Thursday & Friday at work, no less than 4 coworkers asked me if/when I was expecting, and I had several random people just start talking to me about it. I mean, it’s cool to say something, but awkward when we’re stuck on an elevator stopping on every floor.

I’ve remembered Lindsay’s pictures-with-friends tip from her pregnancy: stand at least a little sideways in pictures with other people to show that it’s a bump, not a weird belly.

We went to Babies R Us and New Baby Products to register last weekend, and our experiences at each were very different. At BRU, we got a list and a scanner and a “Have Fun!” When we stood up and turned around from the registry desk, we were both instantly overwhelmed. So we started with the things we’d already chosen or had limited options on: stroller and car seat. I’d remembered that Dawn had said something about Peg Perego and Ft. Wayne, but didn’t put the two together until we started looking at manufacture locations: Ft. Wayne is the US headquarters of the company (seats made in Italy.) That’s sort of how the day went at BRU- given equal items that we had no preference on, we picked the one made closest to here. So much stuff, it was overwhelming. We also went with our wedding registry plan: add everything we can think of, then remove it later if we remember. We’d asked neighbors what they used a bunch and loved, so added extras of those (lap pads and changing covers seemed very popular.)

At NBP, we wandered around until I had a question about baths. We both think the plastic tubs are kind of ridiculous and overpriced for what is essentially a bucket (the space-age-like Puj doesn’t work in our sink setup). So I asked about them, and the lady pointed us in the direction of a seat support thing. It’s small, just for helping support the baby in a sink application until they’re big enough for more of a bath-type or full-sink-type bath. Also inexpensive. And then we started talking about diapering, which led us to all kinds of things that we wouldn’t have seen on our own. It was much more relaxed, better guided and less stressful. Plus: local shop! Ended up getting some prevents/treats stretchmarks stuff, figured that if it helps the ones on my hips that are simply growing (no new ones yet that I can see), great, otherwise it’s a nice-smelling lotion without ingredients that give me a rash.

And then I came home and compiled both into a (private) list on Amazon, so keeping track of the dual registries would be easier for me (so I can just look in 1 place to see what’s on them, without seeing what other people have been doing, which was a semi-letdown for bridal showers, especially the one that added the name of whoever purchased it, because it took away the surprise of a present, which is exactly why I usually buy off-registry or make something to compliment a registry item when I go to showers. Though, really, I don’t care if anyone gets us/the alien anything, it’s just nice to see people at showers and I felt really, really awkward and socially anxious about the gift-opening part of the wedding showers.) Should the list be public? Does it matter? Is this an “awake since 3am, now it’s after 6am” question?

Otherwise, a coasting week for the alien. Kicks have gotten a bit stronger and, if I happen to be pressing into the pooch right where it kicks, I can distinguish the foot. It’s more foot-like and less poking-thing like than a couple weeks ago. It also figured out that it can roll around, and has been taking full advantage of that newfound discovery. I think it’s also using its feel to push off and bump me with something else, because I can feel a foot-like kick on my side, followed immediately by a softer, duller, something-like push in the front or other side.

The pooch has asploded, startling everyone in the house:
Size of the pooch

Side pooch

But I’m excited to dress it up in new clothes from Mom & Lisa! They sent me some items that they’d picked, and I tried them all on, took pictures. I had to exchange a few for different sizes, since maternity sizing puts me in a Medium in many items (like pants!) when I often wear a Large in regular clothes (like pants!). While making the exchanges, I thought about how much easier maternity shopping was than regular-clothes shopping: Fewer choices, they already assume you want to be fashionable but want the clothes to last at least 2 seasons, and I liked the styles. Plain clothes with a little something different. Like buttons down the sides. Or an interesting pleat on a side. Or pants in 4 sizes only. And I wished that regular shopping was as easy.


3 thoughts on “23 weeks, tired

  1. 🙂 I have the “make it!” mart of L’s now very overdue birthday present finished, it’s the “buy it!” part that I keep not getting. But will get that part in the mail before November, at least.

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