Week 25, Weird

Last week’s update. I was slow in uploading the photos, but wrote the post at the appropriate time. This week’s update… needs the photos, again. Need to take them.

  • The weeks are morphing together now. Even in development, the alien’s just adding fat, not much different than last week.
  • I decided that having something not me moving under my skin is weird. So weird. Like that scene with the “bug” at the beginning of The Matrix.
  • I asked about the crotch & back pain when I was at my Dr. appt, and she says it’s because of the position in which the alien has taken up residence, (which is mostly resting on my right side). Some days, I find it hard to walk normally, and some days it doesn’t bother me at all.
  • To help with the jiggling while running, I got a maternity support belt. (Sexy.) Seems to help with the bouncing belly.
  • Went to the Ke$ha concert with George and Meghan. The opening band, LMFAO, had me lmfao. Hilarious, from the costumes (a robot with light up eyes! jeans with one leg totally covered in sequins! people that look naked because of the lighting!) to the song interpretation (comic nearly nakedness, inflatable zebras, making fun of themselves), I was just rolling. I also didn’t realize how much of the music that Ke$ha does herself, making the performance by her not as flashy as it could have been, but she’s definitely more involved in the making of it than I thought.
  • After the show, we were waiting for the encore, and it seemed to be taking a long time. The stagehands were clearing the balloons off the stage and the main lights hadn’t come back up. Then one of the upper front-of-stage lights showered sparks and then burst into flame. That’s when we left.
  • Sometimes, it feels like the alien is burrowing. I don’t know what it’s really doing, but it’s extra-weird-feeling.
  • At the ob appointment this past week, I was given the instructions for both the 1-hour glucose screening (next appointment), and for pre-registering. Yup. I can now pre-register for birth. I’m still avoiding thinking about how this thing is going to come out of me, preferring to think of it staying this size and inside forever. Or, even better, magically teleporting its way out.
  • The next appointment starts the every-two-weeks appointments. I’m also not looking forward to seeing more doctors more often (will start making appointments with all the doctors & midwives in the practice.) I’m trying to come up with a list of things to ask each one, just to be prepared in case they’re the one on call when the alien lands.
  • I guess we should actually sign up for a birth class.
  • I’m up to the heaviest I’ve ever been, surpassing TCB’s lowest adult weight. Yeah, people thought he was dying because he looked so emaciated, but still a little depressing. Not liking this part of the numbers game.
  • Still running. Still shocking the other players with my mad skills on the practice soccer field. I am learning a lot about positioning myself better and learning to look up before I pass into the center. My goal with running and soccer are both “as long as I feel ok doing it.”
  • I feel like myself again when playing soccer, it’s easy to mostly forget about the bump on the front. Not going 100% or anything, but participating.
  • I’m really, really looking forward to going on vacation next week. Really, really. I cannot wait to leave 60+ hour work weeks behind and go float in a pool for hours. That’s all I really want to do- not work and float in a pool.
  • The pooch is finally big enough to balance a bowl of snacks on it while I watch tv. Granted, my snacks are generally carrots, peppers, or green beans, but I can get lazier about them!

The pooch:
Not too bad from the front, with a dark shirt.
And then the side! It’s all out there!
The side!


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