Kayak adventure

Yesterday, TCB and I went kayaking! We had been thinking of a morning adventure, but after talking to the guide person, decided to take advantage of the after-5pm-half-price (for half-time) special. We’d already discussed that we wanted to just go for 2 hours, not the 4 of the half-day rental, and the weather cooled a little in the evening, so it worked out well.

My kayak had a rudder, which did take some getting used to. I turned myself all over the place at first, but once I sorted it out, I really appreciated not having to steer myself with my paddle all the time. (When TCB and I canoe together, I sit in front as the powerhouse, he sits in the back to steer us. I think he likes me up there because I run into the spiderwebs first.)

We paddled down to the mouth of Charleston Harbor, passing all kinds of birds, a few jellyfish on the way. We saw some dolphins heading out into the waves. Woo! We thought about checking out the bird sanctuary island but, with the high tide and the winds picking up, decided to skip the waves and head up the inlet instead of battling the harbor waves.

On our way back up past our put-in spot, we passed many fisshing vessels with names like “Lady Eva”, “Captain Tang”, and also passed Mom & C as they boarded a catamaran for an evening sail (Margarita Mondays, ladies half-price.) We passed the public boat ramp and a few people still taking their boats out, a marina with some sort of boat-stacking devide (all the boats were out of the water, in a kind of boat-hotel-structure.) We paddled up past smaller boats with names like “Gotta Wanna”, Sea Pro”, and “Shipfaced” and cruised past lost and lots of sea grass. Lots of it. We went by & under docks that had many tiiiiny leeeeetle crabs crawling on them. They would be chilling out, then get all aggressively ferocious as we approached, putting their claws up, and then hide around the other side of the pole as we got really close.

When we were done paddling up, we turned around and let the wind help us get back to the kayak dock. We passed the boat ramp again and had to stay and watch the boat jockeys make many attempts to load up their boats onto trailers. Also passed a dog watching 3 kids nap on a dock, a very bloated dead fish with one fin sticking up out of the water like a sail., more kayakers chilling out after a full day of paddling, and a family splashing at the water, the little girl trying to call the fishes to her.

As I went under the bridge approaching the kayak place, the wind caught me and it, along with the waves, pushed me enough sideways that I really just needed to complete the 360 to continue. TCB had just gone around the corner to dock, so missed it, but everyone out on the dock at the nearby restaurant saw. I got myself straightened out again, docked, and we were headed back to the hotel (pool) soon.

After getting out of the kayak, I really appreciated an exercise activity that didn’t involve standing. It was easy to forget about the bump around my middle while paddling.

And, though we didn’t bring a camera, still had our picture taken: a local reporter was looking for “people doing things” for the local interest part of the paper. http://www.postandcourier.com/news/2011/aug/09/afternoon-adventure/


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