Weeks 26 & 27: doubt and vacation

Along with more of the same, this week also brought a lot of doubt. What if I have this baby really early? What if I still feel the same ambivalence toward it once it’s here? What if we can’t handle this? What if we don’t find a boy name? What if , what if what if? Also, I got really annoyed with the “You’re pregnant and you don’t know about X?!?!” people. Like the one in the grocery (that carries lots of gf foods), touting the benefits of fish oil. As if being pregnant makes me automagically knowledgeable about all sorts of things, and also makes me care about them. So what if I don’t know what benefits fish oil and DHA have on my baby? I enjoy watching your eyes bug out of your head when I say, “no, my doctor has not talked to me about this” while adding in my head, “and I’m glad she’s pretty hands-off about most everything that doesn’t immediately impact the health of me or the baby.”

Other than that, weeks flew by: Working too much! Vacation! Yay! And birthday!

We went to Charleston with Mom and Christel. We’d intended to rent a house, but none of the places in our budget emailed me back, so I found us a deal on hotwire instead. We stayed at Charleston Harbor Resort. TCB and I left the ATL around 10 on Sunday morning, taking our time to get to Charleston, so we’d be there about check-in time. Around Augusta, we started seeing cyclists, cyclists in tutus! (A little googling got me the answer: Bike for the Ballet.) We did not expect that. We then passed the Savannah River Site. Even through there were many warnings not to stop while passing it, we wondered why there was a historic marker/site along the road. It looked like they built it to be a drive-by kind of thing, but we still wondered why it was installed like the regular “stop and read” signs (with a bench!) and not done Burma Shave-style.

We stopped to eat at a Wendy’s not far outside of Charleston. One of the ladies behind the counter looked at my baja salad (basically: chili and cheese on lettuce with guacamole and pico de gallo), looked at me, declared it wasn’t enough chili, and poured on another scoop! My chili-with-lettuce was tasty, and I nearly had to throw in the towel and get a spoon, but I made it through to the uncomfortable fullness afterward. (I was really hungry, though, and didn’t mind the extra scoop all that much.)

So, we got to the hotel, checked in, put our stuff in our room, and headed down to the pool, which was warm like bath water and full of kids. It was treat-of-the-day time, which I participated in, of course (fresh cotton candy!) Also discovered that the hotel has a scavenger hunt each day. When we returned to our room, we figured out the pool craziness: craft hour and treat hour coincide with happy hour at the pool bar. Nice planning!

Mom & Christel arrived, so we got dressed and headed out together to find some kind of dinner-thing. We drove around Isle of Palms, but couldn’t find anything that definitely had something gf for me and was also not packed or sketchy-looking. We ended up at Shem’s Creek and picked a restaurant by the water. I had a bunch of shrimp. And cheese grits. Yum.

Monday, we had coffee together and then headed off to downtown Charleston to the market. It was hot and we enjoyed the air-conditioned part of the market the most. Lunch was at Tommy Condon’s, which has a GF menu (jamalaya for me!) We stopped by a little garden on the way back to the car.
Partner Dancing
Christel headed back to the hotel on the shuttle and Mom, TCB and I went to the Charleston Tea Plantation for the free tour.
The tour actually consisted of 3 videos about how tea is cut, wilted, chopped up, oxidized, and then dried. And then the gift shop. I suppose none of us had really thought about what a tour of the tea-making might consist of, but that seemed like it would be about it. We tried the tea in the gift shop, picked some out, and headed back to the hotel, stopping by the kayak place on the way.

Then we split up, and we had our kayak adventure.

Dinner- we discussed finding somewhere with seafood again, but then decided that we were really more in the pizza mood. Of the 3 obvious options, 2 Mellow Mushrooms and a Your Pie, decided on the Mellow Mushroom that seemed easiest to get to. And we were definitely glad that we went there! We walked in, looked down at the hostess stand, and spotted a “Gluten Free Dinner Night” menu. What?!
Menu - gf

So. We had pizza (me the white pizza, TCB, his usual House pie). And I definitely had dessert. While we were finishing our meal, we talked to the waitress because it seemed really busy for a Monday night and apparently, they’d shut down regular operations earlier and were a gluten-free-only restaurant for a while. It was an experiment that was way more popular than they expected- they’d run out of gf crusts at some point and had to go to the other location to get more. And they ran out of all the gf beer they’d gotten for the evening. It was fabulously tasty and a perfect meal after kayaking. And a wonderful last day of 29.

2 thoughts on “Weeks 26 & 27: doubt and vacation

  1. Well, I can pretty much guarantee that there will be moments when you feel the same ambivalence toward it once it’s here. And there will be moments that go far beyond that, where you ask it, “Seriously, why can’t you go back where you came from? This is not fun.” But there will also be moments where you think, “There is no way that, in my previous life, I could have witnessed something as adorable as what you just did.” And then the thing says, “Thank you Mommy for sweeping the floor today” and you dissolve into a puddle of tears because no one has ever so sincerely thanked you for completing your chores before.

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