Vacation, part 2

Birthday day started with coffee with Mom & Christel, and Mom reminded me that I wasn’t *really* 30 until after dinner. She was there, she’d definitely know better. Then we went over to check out the tour times for Fort Sumter. We decided on the later afternoon tour, got tickets, and then went in search of lunch, ending up at Mustard Seed. We wouldn’t have stopped if it wasn’t a) right nearby where we were driving and b) on a gf-friendly list. So glad we did- a gf menu that included nearly everything on the regular menu. I had the blue cheese and pear salad with chicken (yum), and we got a piece of the dessert to share: fudge pie with espresso mousse and a pecan crust. I was sad when it was gone.

Then we went to the beach on Isle of Palms. A hot, sunny beach. So hot. With a “don’t go in the water” warning. We saw people fishing, jellyfish, and that’s when my camera started acting up. After about 30 seconds on, it wanted me to shut it off and turn it back on. Grrr… But the beach was hot and after a little while melting in the sun, we headed back to the air conditioned car to take a scenic route back to the hotel. It was about time to leave for our Fort tour anyway.

The Fort Sumter tour… I learned that seasickness is an awesome pregnancy side effect I have. While nearly everyone on the ferry sat upstairs, we opted for the air-conditioned bottom deck (noticing a trend?) The trip was a little rough, I was feeling pretty green. But, we made it and did the tour, walked around what’s left of the fort, and headed back to shore. I didn’t think much about it one way or another, besides “it’s hot”, “glad we refilled the water”, “stupid camera”, and “so hot.” I hadn’t realized that the fort really took up all of the man-made island. The shells still left in the walls were neat, and the remains of the old fort were neat, but it was so, so hot. Mom had me duck into the air conditioned museum for a few minutes (so glad she did) before we left.

And then.. you guessed it: We changed and went to eat. We went to the first restaurant we’d looked at on Sunday night, Atlanticville, which we didn’t realize was gf-friendly on first glance (and was also a little high on the budget for a casual Sunday night dinner.) They were having Thai Tuesday, but made me a basket of their gf cheese rolls (the rest of the table had shrimp chips), and I had a fantastic apricot-glazed salmon dish. For dessert, I was really wanting some more of that fudge pie, or the flourless chocolate cake that Mom and Christel saw at a restaurant near the hotel the night before, but TCB pointed out that it was after 9 (and he saw a dessert that he wanted), so fruit parfait for dessert! It was ok, a little heavy on the vanilla. Dinner was the clear winning dish at the lovely birthday evening. We all waddled back to our rooms after arriving back at the hotel.

For my birthday, the alien gave me a few days of low activity, which meant I could sleep! Yaaay, sleep!

Pooch pics, 30th birthday edition:

Also, I think it’s interesting that, despite the pooch, I can still sort of suck in my tummy. Really just makes the pooch look weird.
I think it's interesting...
Sucking it in:

I was sad that vacation was over the next morning, but we had a bunch of work on the house to finish up…

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