28 weeks. 28 weeks?!

Baby’s fine, I’m fine, things are fine. I did get to take the glucose tolerance test on Monday at my appointment. Since I didn’t want to eat too much too close to the test, I ate carrots and peanut butter before we left the house. (I usually had peanut butter on a spoon before long-distance running, so I figured something similar would be good before the test.) They gave me the fruit punch-flavored drink. Tasted like that over-sweet, barely-fruit-punch-flavored kool-aid from summer camp. The nurse got me, did the usual appointment checks, did a finger-prick test for iron (I didn’t expect those, they hurt), and while waiting for the doctor, I started getting hot. Burning up. Fanning helped a little, but then I got dizzy and the world closed in on me, just for a second, before I snapped to with the realization that my stomach had some evacuation orders. TCB helped me get the table’s foot extension thing pushed back in, I got over to the chair next to the trash can, dug through my purse for a hair band (right on top, thankfully), and got my hair pulled back just in time.
Yaaay. I checked my hour timer- 20 minutes to go. TCB was gone to get the nurse about half a second after I started getting sick.
I felt better physically, but I dreaded having to do that again. Rest of the appointment was fine. Listened to the alien’s heartbeat, belly measured right on track, no, there aren’t really any fetal tranquilizers I can take to make this thing chill out for a couple of hours.
Of course, an incomplete on the test is unacceptable, so my doctor encouraged scheduling it for the afternoon when I came back for it to try and avoid the unpleasantness and to eat something other than carrots and peanut butter beforehand, which is what I did. Mexican-y layer kickasserole beforehand, had the orange version of the drink, and stayed in the lab’s waiting area, which is cooler than the appointment rooms. The orange drink tasted like that orange drink at McDonald’s that always seemed to disappoint. Still felt kind of pukey and a little lightheaded, but made it through the hour, got the blood draw, chilled out with the lab nurse for a good 20 minutes while cobwebs cleared, and had chocolate cake when I got home. Results came in Friday morning: I passed. Very, very glad not to have to do the 3-hour test.

Now that I’m in the third trimester, I start appointments every 2 weeks, and I’m very excited that my first one is with one of the midwives in the practice. (It was her or the doctor that delivered both of my neighbor’s babies.)

I’m also feeling into checklists. So I made a bingo sheet with the big things that need to get accomplished, like the names of the people in the practice, tests that I have to get through, classes to take, major involves-many-steps items… Like “Get the Car Seat Installation Inspected”, which requires us to a) have the car seat and b) install it before it can be checked off.
Things that we did this week:

  • Sign up for birth class (picked one at Northside, not Piedmont, because it looked more hands-on, and I’ve emailed back and forth with the instructor several times already asking questions about birth classes.) Guess we should actually think about how this thing will come out of me.
  • Signed up for a breastfeeding class (the one at Piedmont, as I’ll be using their lactation consultant services)
  • Decided on a nursery theme: spaaaaaaace! Appropriate for the alien. And TCB can install the rocket/globe fan that he’s been lobbying for for months. And I can use a bunch of astronomy stuff I already have. Winning!
  • Found a crib bedding set we liked (rockets!), and got it with some gift cards we had (had been planning on a plain sheet/skirt combo, and adding some fabric. Admittedly, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the idea of that plus kitchen plus yard sale plus cleaning plus getting bigger plus other sewing projects, so I’m oddly relieved that we found a set neither of us objected to and don’t have to think about it.)
  • Put knobs on the cabinet doors in the kitchen
  • Got started on sanding/priming cabinet doors
  • Moved a bunch of my craft stuff to the downstairs closet
  • Cleaned the bathroom of dog hair. The rugs are a much brighter green, not brown, after washing. The shower curtain is all white again, no more ombre effect from dog grease on the bottom.
  • Started looking for red and other brightly-colored art for the kid’s room to go with this print we already have.

Some physical things this week:

  • Belly button has nearly disappeared. I can see the evidence of the wrinkles in it, and the scar running down it, but otherwise, just a little but left that isn’t flat.
  • Rolling over in bed is surprisingly difficult. I feel like I need a sling and a push to get from one side to the other, and feel like a beached whale at night. And when getting up from the couch.
  • Feet are getting shoe imprints by the end of the day.
  • Leakage. All I want to say about that. Except that Crax tries to lick my shirt.
  • Not sleeping so hot in the middle of the night. Somewhere between 4 and 6 am, the alien decides to have a dance party, and no amount of banging on the ceiling will get it to calm down until about 7:30.

Pooch Pics, blurry camera-needs-repair edition:
What is this?FrontSide

The belly button is the part that gives me the most concern right now. What did your belly button do during pregnancy, and what happened to it afterward?


4 thoughts on “28 weeks. 28 weeks?!

  1. Hot flash. Belly button is normal. You won’t be able to see it soon anyway, or your feet. But it will turn up again .

  2. I think all bets are off when it comes the belly buttons. I know lots of people whose belly buttons went back to normal–me, not so much. I realized during pregnancy that I had a really deep belly button and that there were lots more folds in there than I was aware of. The kiddo made those assorted folds poke out, and they never sucked themselves back in again. 😦 Luckily, I never made any plans to be a belly button model, and my plans to be otherwise awesome are not impacted by a less-than-awesome belly button. And with the beautiful stretchmarks I have, I have no plans to be in anything other than a tankini from here on out, so that’s not a worry either. 🙂

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