Behind on posting.


Week 29
Week 29 was pretty uneventful. I worked a lot. Washed the newborn-sized clothes and socks that I already had. And I sanded & painted cabintry. But! I packed for a trip to Indiana. And we zipped up there, with only a single traffic ticket to slow us down. We met up with Lisa (a surprise! from Idaho!) on Friday, and spent the day putzing around Corydon with her. We had lunch, we walked around, checked out a beer-supply store (who was brewing their first gf beer), and checked out a stained glass shop, which was really neat. They have free-form classes (come in and work whenever), and we talked with a student that was finishing up a project and looked at a large project for a church and chatted with the owner about her upcoming art show. And, while browsing the shop, I noticed an “A” piece that I liked. And then I saw that the only other letter available was a “J”. So those came home with us.
While I checked out, the student (a new grandfather himself) came over to ask, “So, are you excited about your girl?” He thought it would be a girl because I’m carrying high. The shop owner said she’s had three kids- one carried high, one between her knees and one in the middle, and has 3 daughters.
I really enjoyed dinner with Jo Ann and Lisa, and just hanging out with them.

Week 30

Baby shower in Corydon! Will be in a different post.

Now that I’m in the third trimester, I started rotating through the other members of the practice for appointments, and my first rotating appointment with the midwife at the obgyn practice was awesome. I felt much more relaxed and comfortable with her. I do like the Dr that I started with, but I like the midwife and her attitude toward me, toward questions, and toward appointments that much more. TCB and I did wonder what the difference between midwife and obgyn was, and to her, the biggest difference is during labor- she comes in and provides support through the entire labor, where the doctors might check in or call in, but generally just show up at the end to catch the baby (the easy part, as she put it). Otherwise, it’s all the same. Knowing that the same someone would be through the hard parts and the end parts makes me feel more comfortable- I’m not a fan of strangers I’ve met for maybe 15 minutes looking at my… parts.
I also felt like I learned so much more about the alien in this appointment than other appointments. I learned that, at the 20-week ultrasound, the head and body measured about 48th percentile (yay, average!), but the legs were super-long. Also got confirmation that weight gain is on-track (up 20lbs so far.) She had a student shadowing her that day, so the student poked around and located the alien (head-up at the moment), and they showed me how to identify the head from the butt. Belly is growing on-track, 29cm at 29 weeks. And the alien had the hiccoughs and got super-squirmy while they tried listening to the heartbeat, which it’s never done before in other appointments, and usually just does when I’m chilling out. (It’s still a party in there, just a more subdued party when I’m under stress or feeling squirmy myself.)
While they were poking at the kid, they asked if I knew if it was a boy or girl and when I said I didn’t know, they were both very positive about that, saying “I love surprises!” and “It really gives that extra motivation at the end,” both of which were different than the OB’s “it’s a surprise if you find out now or find out later” reaction to not finding out.
So, I’m thinking of switching.
In fact, I asked how to switch and made my next appointment with her.

Other things
I started on thank you notes, I started putting away clothes and toys and gear (and realized we need to do some more organizing of all of it). Now that we have things to put away, I want to get it all put away and ready right now. Screw the kitchen painting, this seems more important to me, though I know that getting the kitchen stuff painted means we can unpack the kitchen from the dining room and living room and actually have room to enjoy our house. And I’m really working on both. Laundry while painting!

Pooch pics, farm edition. (29w2d)
With leg pop



One thought on “29-30

  1. I enjoyed putzing, eating, and hanging out with you guys too.

    So happy to hear about TCB’S doctor conversion. What a long-anticipated burden to be lifted!

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