31 Weeks

This alien is starting to get heavy. I’ve had the beached-whale-feeling when trying to roll over in bed for a while, but now I feel like I have a heavy belly when sitting and when standing.
It also seems to have started getting into some routines:

  • It’s relatively quiet most mornings, maybe getting active around 5 or 6, then it chills out until 11ish. (Small dance party in the car when I’m singing along to music.)
  • Around 11, it starts a stretching routine that elevates into a kicking party that ends about noon.
  • 1pm is playtime- it pushes a something out at me, around my bellybutton (what’s left of it), and I push it back in. Then it pushes back out at another place around the bellybutton, and I push it back in. Repeat until 2ish.
  • At 2, I have a daily meeting at work. Generally, it’ll rumble around during the meeting.
  • 3ish is snack time for me, and nap time for the alien (finally). Stays quiet most of the rest of the work day.
  • About 6 or 7, if I’m still sitting at work, it reminds me that I’m not doing anything at work anyway, might as well play until I leave.
  • Drive home is quiet, the initial putzing at home is quiet, then it gets all fired up around 9, no matter what I’m doing. This is usually when TCB and I wonder if it’s going to explode out like that scene in Alien. This lasts until 11, when I start to fall asleep.
  • The alien really seems to be gathering its energy for midnight playtime, because at midnight, it will kick. Not a whole lot, but it gets some power behind those kicks. TCB sometimes will put his head on my belly and listen/talk to it, and it’ll kick him in the head. Ka-bam!
  • I don’t notice it much at night, mostly because I’m asleep, though TCB reports that the party will keep going after I fall asleep. If I get up in the middle of the night, the alien takes a while to settle back down when I get back to bed.

And it gets the hiccups at any time of the day.

We started talking about what things we definitely wanted to make sure the alien learns from us, like it’s not just ok, but good to be different from other people. And that everyone else is a person, too, they deserve the same considerations that you want. And we started figuring out what notes we need to write to ourselves so we don’t have to remember (and anyone who wants to come over to help will know), like when trash/recycling services happen (with holiday schedules), how to wash cloth diapers, feeding schedules for Angus and Crax, take-out and doctor’s numbers. And now we’re trying to think of anything else to write to ourselves about.

Pooch pics, black-shirt-covered-in-cat-hair edition:

We also went to a wedding! Matt & Hayley’s wedding! It was lovely, definitely enjoyed it. (This picture was take at the end of the night.)
At the wedding

2 thoughts on “31

  1. Regarding things you want to impart to alien . . . and I may have already told you about this, but we like the book “Parenting Beyond Belief” by Dale McGowan. We also plan to get his companion book, “Raising Freethinkers.” Lots of good ideas on how to handle mainstream concerns (holidays, death, being different, being moral, etc) in a non-mainstream way

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