The weeks are getting faster. The alien seems to be flipping over sometimes, though was still head-up at the last appointment. Seems to like to flip over at night and stick feet into my ribs to make sleeping uncomfortable, then flip back over during the day to make sitting uncomfortable.

In general, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by how much needs to get done. The kitchen, the room, the house… So much to do. The basement is full of yard sale stuff, which helps clear out the rest of the house, but we’ve just got a crap-filled basement right now, not suitable for, say, having anyone stay with us.

We went to a childbirth class. I feel more comfortable and confident about labor & alien landing than I did before. I can see that there’s an end to it, there are options that I can try, and TCB has a list of tasks to do and suggestions he can make (and can hand them off to someone else if he needs a break.)

We were both surprised by which suggested labor positions I liked/disliked at the class. The “Captain Morgan” one, I did like, which I thought I wouldn’t because of the crotch pain I get when moving my legs asymmetrically. (Also, why does nobody seem to talk about the “omg, I fell onto the top tube of my bike” pain? Huuuurts, but I’ve been assured that it’s completely normal.) I hated the suggested squat position, which we thought would be good, but I think that’s because it was suggested to lean back on your partner’s legs, which isn’t a good squatting position if you’ve ever lifted weights or danced or done actual self-supported squats. Once I modified it to lean forward in a comfortable squat position, it was… comfortable. They did provide a sheet of suggested stuff for labor, with pictures. Might have to laminate that (after adding “try the shower”. I think the instructor called it “liquid morphine”.)

The next day, we both went and got massages after a fantastic breakfast with Rose-Hulman friends Sara and Andy (they were in town for a wedding). Loved the massage. I didn’t realize how much I hurt until I had to switch sides and one side was still hurting, but the other wasn’t. Will have to work that into the budget for next month, I think.

TCB has been talking to the people that were in/married to people who were in his Tech program who recently had babies and they’ve all gone without the drugs. (Insert some lame joke about how labor probably seemed like cake compared to the pain of that particular phd program.) One’s done it once with and once without, and her comment was, “You’re getting the epidural, right?” One thought it was the hardest thing ever, but doable with support. And the other thought it wasn’t that bad- she kept expecting it to get worse and take longer. So we’re both hearing about how different labor can be, and how attitudes about it are very different. I’m hoping for something more like the last one.

At this appointment with the midwife, we discussed work and how much of it I’m doing. Neither TCB nor I realized how much my stress affects the alien (something we learned at the class), and 60+ hour work weeks didn’t make anybody happy. So the midwife was a little shocked by the number of hours I worked and wrote a note asking for 40-hour weeks. My manager was very receptive to it, and hadn’t really realized that I was 8 months pregnant already (also disclosed that I’m his first employee to be with child, so this is all a learning experience for him.) We discussed hours and working from home, which is a huge help to easing stress levels (no driving for a day? sign me up!) I got the info on FMLA leave, so need to call and get that set up. I have a few days of vacation left and can either use them during the 12 weeks, giving me a few extra days of pay during it, or I can use them before. I’m leaning toward using them before. Am still really envious of the people in the Canadian office.

I started taking a pregnancy water aerobics class, which was wonderful. I really liked the water, really liked feeling like a non-beached whale. I’m still not a great swimmer, and the pooch doesn’t particularly help when kicking down the length of the pool (assisted by kickboard), but the water-weights were neat and I didn’t hurt when we were done. It was also nice to talk to ther preggo ladies. I was, by far, the furthest along.

Speaking of being done, TCB’s done. Graduation is in December. If, when he started this program, anyone had told us that our kid would be able to attend his graduation, we would have laughed. And laughed.

Pooch pic, dressed up for another wedding edition:

Will add this once I upload it to Flickr. Wanted to get caught up on the posts themselves.
Here it is! 32w1d
By the window


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