Could have been so much better

Something that isn’t an update on this ever-expanding belly! But does involve it.

This past weekend, I went to BB&B for a wedding present. I had a limited amount of time and needed to get the stuff, get home, and get ready for said wedding. So I went to the easiest-to-get-to one (since none are actually near us) to get a griddle pan to add to a pancake mix + toppings package. I had a few other specific items on my list, but only the present was a “must get.”

Walking in, I looked for and found some kind of “wedding registry” sign, which is usually right at the front, like under the giant “Customer Service” sign. I got in line, waited for the lady helping some guy return 1830 individual plate to be free. Since it looked like it might take a while, I browsed the travel size items for things to include in the hospital bag. Nobody else had gotten in line by the time I was done, so I continued to wait and watch the manager-type person flit in and out of the area and complain about how someone was putting hangers back in the wrong places. I went and grabbed the trash bags I needed, since they were behind the register. Finally, after another 10 minutes of standing there, said “customer service” person asks, “Are you ready to check out?” I said, “No, I need to get someone’s wedding registry information.”
“Actually, those are done in our fine china department, in the back.” she said with a you-really-should-have-known-that sneer and tone.
“Great.” I looked at the “Wedding and Gift Registry” bullet point on the “Customer Service” sign.
So, I wheeled back there, and the ladies working that desk were very helpful and pleasant, we found the registry and chatted about being pregnant (since the one helping me was also pregnant), and found the gift I wanted to get right away. Easy.

I finished my shopping, finding nearly everything on my list. Then I went to actually check out. I had to avoid the customer service desk because it had a line, and swerved my cart down the other lane of the front section, nearly colliding with a girl who was bouncing around, not paying attention to what was going on around her. (Her mother snatched her back with a loud “It’s apparently ok if you get hit!” that was spoken at her but the mom was looking at me. Whatever. She’s at least 10 and old enough to pay attention to her surroundings in a crowded store.) I told the guy I had a bag. So he put the box of bags in there, then nearly everything else went into a plastic bag, which he put in my cloth bag, then one. single. item. went into another plastic bag that he put in my cart.  I upended the plastic bag into my bag, handed it back to him, then took the one item out of the other bag and put it into the cloth bag (everything fit with plenty of room.)

Walked over to customer “service” for the giftwrapping on the present. The service desk was now stacked with people, the manager-type person was still not actually helping anyone, just calling in people off other registers to inefficiently help (and stacking up the other registers in the process), and was peeved that _someone_ was asking for giftwrapping service. She tried ignoring me again, the checkout guy I had came over and asked for the giftwrapping, and she managed to squeeze it in between her other phone-punching and code-overriding tasks. And tried handing me the bag at the end of my cart. I don’t bend and can’t reach that far, so she sighed and inched it closer until I could barely reach before she dropped it in my fingertips.

I was just peeved at the end of that trip. There were so many parts of that trip that could have been just a little better to make it into a good experience. Or at least a neutral one. Instead, I’m looking for the customer service contact on the website.


3 thoughts on “Could have been so much better

  1. Yep, you’re one of the family, all right. I’m glad TCB is on board with constructive complaints. My hubby isn’t fond of being present when such a complaint is made, but he does enjoy the free food and/or service items, coupons, etc. that often result from proactive actions.

    And you are pregnant! This alone should merit some kinder considerations.

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