33 weeks. Holy craps.

Alrighty. So now it’s fall. And fall is the season in which we become parents. And that’s kind of freaking me out a little.

I’m feeling good, though heavy. Rolling over in bed is quite a feat, and I’ll lay on the one side for a while, trying to determine if I really think rolling over will be worth the effort, or if I’ll be ok falling back asleep on the first side. Takes a few minutes, but I usually talk myself into rolling over. It’s usually worth it.

Now that I’m really feeling the “Must get this all done!” urge, I have to learn my limits. Wednesday, I worked from home and, because I was mostly waiting on other people, I got some cabinet doors painted while I waited on those other people. And ran the roomba and did some laundry and cleaned and washed a bunch of dishes and unpacked some kitchen and did some other little projects. And worked. And I don’t know if I stopped moving until I got into bed. I felt good, though cranky, when I went to bed, and I hurt so much when I woke up on Thursday. So much that I couldn’t really walk well. And my right hand (painting hand) was a bit swollen. By lunch, I felt better and my rings fit on both hands again, but it was still not fun. And everything still needed to get done right away at home Thursday night, it was hard not to jump up and get working on it.
I did make pepper relish this week, since last year’s stock was nearly gone. This year, I used the pectin-in-a-jar instead of packets, which really helped, because I always seem to have just a little more ingredient than the packet can handle. This year’s version is much more jelled. Has some uneven piece sizes because I used the food processor to chop it all up instead of hours of pepper slicing, but to get the stuff from fridge to jars in under an hour: so worth it. Now I need to refill my jam stock, I’m down to 2 jars of peach-ginger preserves and 1 tiny triple berry jam jar left. I think I have 1 strawberry left, too, and am likely out of berry season to make more of any of it.

The alien is squirmy. And kicky. Surprisingly still very kicky. Constantly squirmy. When I lay down to go to sleep, it feels like it’s burrowing into my hip, whichever side I’m laying on. Feels like it’s thinking about turning for good- gets stuck sideways a lot now. Having this thing squirm under my skin… yeah, it’s an alien. And trying to guess the position and figuring out what it pokes out is like some sort of Halloween game where you’ve got to guess what’s in the bucket of jello goo. Quiet days (like Wednesday) are followed by really active days (like Thursday). And the hiccups. If the amount of time it gets the hiccups now is any indication, we’re going to have a little baby drunk. After I tasted the sweet & hot pepper relish, it certainly danced up a storm!

I keep having dreams about either people breaking in, having the alien way too soon and at home, or about playing soccer. My favorite was working out at keeper with the US National team- they’d already signed me and I was just doing some light practice (which involved diving for shots taken from the 6) because I was pretty heavily pregnant still. And after those publicity shots, I sat with the team and watched tryouts. In the “surprise alien” dreams, the kid comes really quickly, usually in the downstairs shower, before I can even let TCB know what’s happening. Alien’s always a girl in my dreams, with big eyes, just a little brown hair and very squirmy. The “someone breaks in” dreams are not pleasant, but only happen when I fall asleep on the couch.

Braxton Hicks contractions- I know what they feel like. I don’t seem to be able to eat breakfast without getting some of it on me. Food cravings this week have been crunchy veggies with peanut butter and milk. I love love love the water aerobics class. Thinking of adding a few Friday night classes because I feel so much better afterward (plus, I want to make sure I use up all of the session classes, since this session ends when I’m 39 weeks.)

Pooch pics. Now with more actual pooch! 32w6d
Headscratches and butt rubs


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