34 Weeks!

My cousin and seester threw a shower over the weekend. It was fantastic- a book and movie theme. We have such a great library started now for the alien, we can’t wait to start reading to him or her. We both loved seeing friends and family. Mom stayed around for the rest of the weekend and we (really, Mom) busted a move and got the room more sorted out. Furniture is around the perimeter of the room now, stuff’s hung up in the closet, clothes up to 6mo are all washed. Also, the yard-sale-stuff in the basement is piled better, so the basement is passable now. Still need to get rid of that long couch in the basement. And unpack the kitchen. But it all seems so much more doable now, not so overwhelming.

I’m feeling better about the alien’s arrival, and I know I couldn’t have gotten this much done by myself, or with just TCB’s help. He did the assembly of items, like the stroller-carseat-holder and the swing, and he’s been washing a lot of dishes. He’s really become the dish master at home while I work on other stuff (or pass out on the couch.)

Still not sleeping so well. I usually fall asleep on the couch, and wake up between 2 and 3 no matter where I fell asleep. About half the time, I can sleep again. About half the time, I just lay in bed for an hour or two, then get up, have a little snack, and fall back asleep around 5 on the couch. Then I’m tired and cranky the next day, which doesn’t help with getting much done.

The alien! At my appointment this week, alien seemed to have turned head-down. Yay! The feet in my ribs, not so yay. Kind of horrible, actually, especially when alien gets in a kicking mood.
Of course, the alien still seems to flip around, and I think it’s sitting head-up at the moment. At least, there aren’t feet in my ribs, they feel like they’re in my hips, and the bump at the top feels more like a head than a butt. I’m starting to think about what will happen if the alien decides to be in that 4% of babies who are head-up at full term, and hoping that it gets stuck in a head-down position after one of its many flips.
Other things from the appointment: got a flu shot (first time, but seemed important this year, did my usual nearly passingout/wanting to puke thing), the Dr. I saw thinks the size at birth will be on upper end of average. The doctor (midwife on vacation) asked if I knew what the sex was and when I said we didn’t, she said “I don’t know either! Do you have names?” I said we had a girl name, but not a boy name yet. “Oh, it’ll be a boy, then. That’s my unscientific prediction.” Which is exactly what I was thinking: Can’t decide on a boy name, will definitely be a boy.

The alien gets really uncomfortable in the evening,  so I often end up leaning over the exercise ball to give it a little more wiggle room.

Me: still liking crunchy veggies. The linea negra that appeared a few months ago that was only above my bellybutton has started faintly showing up below my bellybutton-space. Getting heavier, etc etc and so forth. Loving water aerobics, still. Enjoying coaching-only at soccer games way more than I thought I would. Yes, I wish I was playing, but I like that I have the opportunity to see what’s happening and see where we can improve without focusing on my own performance.

Need to get:

  • Car seat
  • Pediatrician

Nice to get or can get later:

  • changing pad
  • Photo mobile (to clip the airplanes we made onto)
  • Crib mattress
  • Frame to turn futon into couch
  • Rug for living room
  • Rug for nursery

To do:

  • Get rid of basement couch
  • Assemble bassinet
  • Make non-tippy solution for tv happen

No usual pictures this week. We were slackers on that part.
Mom and Kathy have photos up from the shower. Abby took pictures with my camera, I’ll try to have those up shortly.


4 thoughts on “34 Weeks!

  1. We never did come up with a boy name! But we had less of a deadline, since we found out the sex beforehand.

  2. We never came up with a girl name really. we debated between two, but we knew when I was pregnant the first time what we would name a boy.

    as a side note, birthing balls are awesome. I didn’t use one during labor, but I sat and bounced every night for the last month or so. I totally attribute it to my freakishly being dilated 5 cm without being in labor. I think it helped baby move down and open up my pelvis some.

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