35 weeks. Moving along

Ok, this weekly updating seems easier to do after the weekly appointment. Also, weekly appointment time? Full-term in a little over a week? Less than 30 days until due date? This is so close.

Weight’s fine, blood pressure is normal-low, everything’s still medically boring.
Alien- confirmed head-down with ultrasound. Or at least, it’s nearly head-down, still off to the right a little bit. It flipped a lot over the weekend, so I wasn’t totally sure where it was. Interestingly, it’s gone from head-up-back-against-my-right-side to head-down-back-along-my-right-side. Before when it flipped, the back would be against my left side, so I’m hoping that this is a comfy position for the alien. It seems to have preferred being on my right side the whole time. When we looked at the alien’s head, it had a little hand up, waving and wiggling fingers, which I could also feel happening. Weird to both see it and feel it at the same time. (Hoping that hand gets out of the way when he or she settles more into final position.)

This has gotten hard, physically and emotionally. I’m large, I misjudged the size of my belly and burned it on a cookie sheet. I can’t go go go all day, I might not even get to “go” on a day. Sleeping all night doesn’t seem possible. My red shoes don’t fit anymore. I’m approaching the 200-lb mark, which is *just* in the normal-weight-gain range for my starting weight, but I don’t want to get there. I’m not planning on changing my nutrition to avoid it or anything, since that doesn’t seem too smart for some kind of vanity thing, but I’m still not too thrilled about that extra click on the large weight. My emotions are all over the map. (That Google commercial! And that one for Pampers! Gah!) I’m both looking forward to the end of pregnancy and not looking forward to it.
Oh…. stretch marks. My appendectomy scar has turned into a big stretch mark, and I’ve got a smaller one below my belly button. I’m surprised the already-existing marks on my hips haven’t gotten bigger, but they’ve pretty much stayed put, save for one on my right hip. When the alien gets really active, it feels like it’s manually stretching my belly button scar. Tempted to put tape on it! Of course it’s really weird to have something so squirmy under my skin, and it looks like it’s trying to escape. The punches to the actual exit aren’t all that fun, either. But it is kind of cool to figure out the foot and push it. Sometimes it squirms away, sometimes it stays and pushes back. Sometimes it feels like something pulsing under my skin, sometimes it feels like a mini earthquake. And sometimes it it looks and feels like the alien is launching itself against the side of its enclosure. Oof.

TCB- continuing to be pretty awesome. When I feel crappy or I’m just totally done for the day, he’s been stepping up and taking care of things, bringing me dinner, refilling my water glass, making dinner, doing dishes, vacuuming, mopping, rubbing my head or hands or back. Reassuring me that I’m doing well (though I don’t feel like I’m actually _doing_ anything), and discussing if I should apply to programs for fall and then try to take missing prereqs, or go ahead and take prereqs without applying to programs, to make sure that I’m going in the right direction before committing myself.

We figured out a name for a boy, so now we’re set for either kind of alien. I think we’ve figured one out. At least, we have several options that we like for a boy.

Mom came down this weekend, and so much got done. More than I could have done on my own and more than TCB and I could have done. The kitchen is more put-away, the dining room is clear and back to being a dining room, not a kitchen storage area, and furniture is rearranged. And so much more. I feel more confident about bringing this kid home.


  • Car seat purchased
  • changing pad
  • Crib mattress
  • Rug for living room
  • Rug for nursery

To get:

  • Pediatrician – have recommendations
  • Frame to turn futon into couch
  • Photo mobile (to clip the airplanes we made onto)

To do:

  • Get rid of basement couch
  • Assemble bassinet- need to get directions.
  • Make non-tippy solution for tv happen
  • Pack hospital bag
  • Review birth plan with midwife
  • Pick up FMLA paperwork from obgym office, turn it in
  • Install and inspect car set

Todo: Nursery

  • Paint trim – 3/4 done
  • Nail down quarter-round- 1/3 done
  • Rearrange furniture- everything’s along the wall that it should be against. Would like to move the sewing stuff to the basement, but that couch and yardsale stuff needs to get taken care of first. It’s not a problem now, but it will be a problem once the alien gets mobile.
  • Sew the pocket on curtains for the rod, make simple tie-backs
  • Get a trash can and biohazard (cloth diaper/wipe) bin for the nursery.

I have to say, I’m very impressed with overstock.com‘s shipping. We took advantage of their sale on rugs over the weekend and got the living room and nursery rugs and, amazingly, the first one arrived yesterday (2 days later) and the other today. Granted, the rugs were coming from NC and Dalton, GA, but still, fast. This weekend is Practice Thanksgiving, so we might delay putting down the new living room rug until after that. Definitely need to get the help of weekend visitors to get it done!

So, about this hospital bag. What things should I pack?  Current list:

  • admission papers
  • sample-sized toiletries
  • going-home outfit for alien. A hat/jacket/booties coordinating set plus several sizes of onesies and some babylegs. Something simple
  • socks
  • Brush
  • Sleep/nursing bra

To get:

  • robe
  • nightgown
  • new toothbrush (I usually forget mine on trips) packed
  • lip stuff packed

Pooch pics:
Checking it outThe back
I’m amazed at how normal I look from the back.


13 thoughts on “35 weeks. Moving along

  1. For the bag I vote: dry shampoo, phone chargers, nipple cream, nursing pads, tennis ball. Maybe bring your own birth ball (that is a recommendation from a nurse friend who says that the one the hospital has is gross)

    Maybe some hard candy and a snack. Because you might miss the food cart (although at Wayne Memorial the nurses apparently had a secret lounge stocked for patients). My mom had a little cooler that she had packed gogurt in. Because if they don’t feed you and it’s a long labor you may kill someone. I think Rhi started to have hallucinations of everyone being dancing grilled cheese sandwiches by the end.

    I also vote earplugs and some sort of ipod or a phone that will play white noise or something soothing. it will help drown out the loud hospital and people in your room talking when you just want them to shut up.

    Of course, a lot of people also say that they didn’t need anything…

  2. Also, on the top of your bag, put a list of things that you need to grab last minute. Camera, cell phone, your purse or purse-like item, toiletries you don’t want to buy duplicates of, etc.

    You can also ask the hospital what things they give you. For instance, it turns out we didn’t need to pack shampoo and toothpaste, they gave me that (and I didn’t end up taking a shower until I got home anyhow. Man I smelled bad.)

    Some sort of VERY soft shirt that you can nurse in, for the trip home, just in case your milk starts to come in while you’re at the hospital (mine didn’t come in until day four, but OMG I didn’t want anything pressing on them or rubbing against them).

    What are your food rules while in labor? I wish, given the hospital’s “clear fluids only” rule that I’d brought some of the homemade chicken broth I had in the freezer at my house. Would have been so much better than the Italian Ice they gave me. I’ve never been so angry at an item of food as I was at that Italian Ice. ARGH.

    If you’ll have a computer and internet access, bookmark a few pages beforehand. We did pregnancy madlibs during some of the more boring parts (of course, hopefully you’ll not HAVE any boring parts by the time you get to the hospital!).

    Definitely some headphones. If not for you, then for TCB. I wanted NO SOUND while I was in labor. And even Zach wanting to watch tv shows on my computer made me crazy. Headphones would have been nice for him. I bet my mom, Char, and Zach were bored to death.

    Rice sock. Find out if they have a microwave you can use to heat it up.

    I wanted my own pillow.

    Mouthwash. For you AND for TCB.

    Gatorade or some such thing.
    Also, your package is in the mail to you.

  3. Snack bars- packed.
    Will look for hard candy when I do the Halloween candy shopping. Should be in the “unpopular and cheap” section.
    I need to pack a whole snack bag, just in case the food disagrees with me. The nurses say the cafeteria can accommodate a gf diet, but with the caveat of “if you trust it.”

    I’ve heard that tennis balls are good to bring, will see if Angus has any fresh ones. And if not, he could probably use a few new ones. 🙂

    Had totally forgotten about the rest of the stuff. I’ve got some of it already, will toss it in the bag. Thanks! And I need to ask about the birthing ball- on the hospital tour, they said they had some, but when we took the birth class (at a different hospital), that one said to bring your own. Ours is kinda gross, too

  4. Lists. I like lists.
    The food rules are “clear liquids” also, and sippy broth does seem like a good idea. I don’t like puking it up, though, and with the pantry recently stocked with soups, I might pass on that possibility. But, they do say that if you want anything in labor, to bring it yourself (like frozen items, gatorade and soda).

    Toiletries are already done in sample-sizes and in the bag (hooray for free samples!) If I (we) don’t use them, they’ll go back to the travel basket.

    There are tv/dvd player/ipod hookups in the l&d rooms. None of that in the post-partum rooms. Don’t recall a microwave, but do recall some sort of warm towel thing being mentioned.
    The pillows seemed pretty sad, though the L&D nurse said they’re bring you extras, and it’s good to save the “from home” pillow for recovery. I do think that I’ve finally found and thrown out the last of our at home pillows that used to BE hospital pillows.

  5. True. Thinking of things to pack that I (or we) might want in the excitement of the labor and first few hours post-partum, when having someone leave to get X would be a hassle for all parties. There is a soda machine on the floor.

    Suggestion from neighbor: dark-colored, cheap underpants.

  6. I wonder if by “clear” they just mean “translucent” because in that case I’d get some of the odwalla/naked juices that are more juice like and less smoothie like. Those kept me from becoming homicidal.

  7. I actually found it easier to pack in two bags. One was a labor bag and the other was the post partum bag. Because our L&D room was small, we only took that bag up with us and then when I moved to my very spacious recovery room (seriously, it was a double room turned single… it was the same price but you had to know to ask for it) we brought the other bag up.
    I ended up with too much stuff probably, but I had an epidural and wasn’t in labor long enough to really get bored. Also, I wore the lovely hospital underpants. I actually found them to be more comfortable than the maternity underpants (which man oh man do I love). They were cheap and crappy, but they kept “stuff” from touching my “stuff” too hard.

  8. Also, make sure you eat en route to the hospital… but my doctor gave me the best advice: don’t eat anything you don’t want to see come up. I didn’t have that problem, but apparently a lot of people do.

  9. Oooh, spacious recovery room! The L&D rooms are infinitely nicer and much larger at Piedmont than the recovery rooms.

    I’m going to ask for clarification on the food/drink policy at the next appointment. I’ve got a short list of foods that I’m ok with throwing up and I still like afterward (not in a puke-and-rally kind of way, but that I can still stand to eat a few days later.) Wish I could bring a toaster oven, because unsalted fries are on that list. And peanut butter. Noodles are not.

    I like the 2 bags idea, need to get more organized to divvy things up.

  10. peanut butter would be great. not a lot of volume for the caloires and fat, so you could probably sneak a couple of bites without it being obvious and pissing off the nurses if you threw it back up a little while later.

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