36 weeks. Like the universe, continuously expanding.

Another rollercoaster week. I’m not ready for this kid. I mean, we have all the stuff, it’s all installed and set up. We are prepared to have this baby. All of our “definitely going to be there” social commitments are over, the rest of them are optional. I’m not ready to have an outside baby. But also ready not to be pregnant any more. I sort of wish the kid would just disappear for a little while, like have a second tadpole stage before we get it, so I can sleep. And a third type of childbirth could get invented, one where the alien uses a transporter to get outside my body.

We held Practice Thanksgiving on Saturday. It was smaller than usual, which was fine. We’d gone to a breastfeeding class that morning, which was quite informative. I like going to classes, because I just feel more prepared and competent about… whatever. We were both tired after the early start to the day. On the way home, we stopped by the groceries for everything we needed, and started on the final stages of cleaning once we got home. There was more than expected to do, and I did too much, especially after being up late the night before getting more pieces of the alien’s room finished (like putting the rug down, positioning furniture, putting books away.) About 3, I was assigned to juice-tasting and holding down the living room furniture with my feet up. Every time I tried to get up to do something, TCB gave me a stern “sit!” and he went about doing whatever I’d meant to do.

The party itself was fun, I really enjoyed the food and the friends and family. And I enjoyed showing off our kitchen. Dad and Kathy came down for it. Every year, we have a abundance of a type of food, like one year, we had mostly desserts. This year, we had meat. Meat! I’d planned on making a pie, but made veggies instead. Just frozen ones, but it was easy and necessary.

Sunday, soccer game and putting down the new living room carpet (see how we waited until after the party to put down the rug?) And putting my feet up. I was tired and slow-moving. Monday was about the same, except I was sitting at a desk and the kid was super-active.

My appointment this week… Numbers are all fine, did the GBS swab, went over my birth plan (which has the motto: “let’s be reasonable here.” It was all deemed to be reasonable.) Alien’s heart was great, the finger-prick for iron was the least painful of all of the ones I’ve had. Not sure if it was because a different nurse did it or because she used a different finger (I’d gotten ink all over most of my fingers when refilling a pen earlier, and didn’t want a green tattoo-spot, even temporary.) But the big thing was that the kid decided to turn head-up again on Monday. Not cool this late in the game. So, we confirmed it via ultrasound and discussed scheduling a version next week with one of the 2 doctors at the practice that do them. Midwife showed me which way to push to encourage some turning. Of course, Alien got all active last night and squirmed and flipped. And then flipped again. And now seems in the transverse-to-oblique position. Wondering if I can staple it into the right position once it happens to find it.

After the appointment, already kind of freaked out about scheduling the version, I got home, tripped and fell over my work laptop’s power cord. Instead of twisting and falling on a nice padded part of me, I protected the bump and fell on my knees into a speaker (that already doesn’t work and needs rebuilding, thankfully), knocked the Wii off the top of it, broke part of it off, and rocked the dvd tower enough to wedge cords under it. Glad that didn’t fall, too. And crushed the urine specimen cup (a clean paper one, non-sterile, that I’d shoved in my purse at my appointment) a bit. And then the ice pack I got out for my knees and hand (and to put on the kid’s head) opened up and got goo all over my clothes. Clothes selection has gotten surprisingly difficult again.
But, I smoothed out the specimen cup as best I could, finished a cake wreckplica for a contest and headed out to the Cake Wrecks signing. I enjoyed the slideshows, enjoyed the talk, and was selected as a top 3 finalist in the wreckplica contest! Carrot Jockey necklace winner! The overall winner made the “Women in Space” cake wreckplica, but I’m sure I got bonus points for making a very-recently-posted wreck.
My wreckplicaSide 2
With @cakewrecks
While waiting in line, I stood next to another pregnant lady. We got to talking, and she had had successful versions with both of her previous pregnancies, and it was nice to hear someone talk about it in a positive light. (Midwife thinks that it’ll be successful if the alien hadn’t turned on its own by next week. I’m just not certain that it’ll stick, since it’s still turning and flipping on its own.) This lady also gave me info on ICAN of Atlanta, calling herself “one of those crazy birth ladies”, but I really do enjoy hearing normal birth stories. Not everything goes right, not everything goes wrong, and everyone makes it. She also already knew the list of doctors in town that deliver breech babies. Not sure that I’d want to deliberately go that route, but I don’t think I want to go ahead and schedule a c-section if this kid doesn’t turn. With how squirmy he is, I’d rather wait to go into labor, because I’d bet that, if breech at that moment, she’ll squirm to get head-down.

So, that’s where things are. I’m continuously expanding, alien is continuously moving, and I’m not sleeping. Trying to sleep, sure, but the actual act is elusive. Sometimes the couch works, sometimes the bed works, and this morning, I ended up napping in the nursery chair for an hour.
Pooch pics:
FamilySideSmile for the camera


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