37 weeks. Yay.

Oh, this week has been fun. Mood swings- check. Stretch marks appearing- check. Freezer meals prepared- check. Head-down Alien- check. Full term- check.

After last week’s discovery that the alien had flipped head-up again, I was determined to make it flip. I poked her head I discovered that, when feeling for the head and bopping it back and forth (to make sure it was the head), Alien would put their hand out, as if to say "stop!" I told it that it would keep getting a head-bopping unless it flipped.

Over the week, Alien flipped. And flipped. And flipped. Tuesday night, it flipped twice, making sleeping impossible. Thursday night, after swim class, head back down. Friday- head up.
So, over the weekend, I watched baby shows with c-sections, telling the Alien that he didn’t want that. I put ice on the top of the pooch, which made Alien squirmy, but since I couldn’t tell where it went, I couldn’t chase with the ice. Also tried inversions, sitting forward on the exercise ball, sitting forward in general (not so happy on my feet), putting my butt in the air, a nice bath and getting a massage. TCB and I also tried bribery- that if I didn’t need surgery to get it out, then we’d get an iPad or other tablet for the house. Monday night, I got woken up by lots of squirming and feet in my ribs. And at my appointment yesterday, the midwife felt around, thought that the baby felt head-down, which was confirmed with the ultrasound. And then we watched the heart beat for a while.Yay! There’s still a hand up by the head, but at least the head’s in the right position. Hasn’t dropped yet.

Still waiting on the GBS results, and then my chart goes over to the hospital.
I’m disappointed that the area below my belly button erupted into a map of little stretch marks. Bunches and bunches! And that some are starting on the top of my boobs. I’m not a fan at all. I am taking more walks, to help "set" the alien in position. And to slow down the weight gain, as I’m close to needing an extra click on that bottom weight on the scale. Might start turning around when they weigh me, and believing that my weight is lim(x->infinity) f(x) = 200. f(x) = ((2x-1)/x)* 200

I’m taking Mondays off until the due date, and the 3-day weekend was wonderful. I got to spread out tasks over 3 days instead of 2, and I didn’t feel like I was rushed to get anything done. Saturday, I went to the Gluten Free vendor fair, came home, finished packing the snack bag, made my list of meals and ingredients, and then took a nap. Wonderful. Sunday, went to the soccer game, did the grocery shopping, and assembled the "dump it in a bag, freeze" meals. TCB helped out, and the ground meat was browned and chili made. And the taco kickasserole. Monday, I finished the other dishes. And did laundry, and cleaned, and did dishes, and went for a walk, and got a massage, and put my feet up for hours.

So! Packed in the freezer (there’s not room for much of anything else):

  • Brown sugar chicken
  • Cranberry pork roast
  • Beef roast/stew
  • Taco kickasserole
  • Lasagna (plus 2 bonus lunch-sized lasagnas)
  • Chicken-rice-broccoli kickasserole
  • Chili

This should be enough to feed us dinners for well over 2 weeks. Everything is already in a dish that goes in the oven, or is meant to go in the crockpot.

And that’s about it. My focus is about shot, and I’m looking forward to walking instead of waddling. Sleeping on a large lap pad is hot. These Braxton Hicks contractions have gotten more frequent, but no less annoying. Bras, I have discovered, are horrible- there’s not enough room between my boobs and the pooch to wedge any supportive fabric.


5 thoughts on “37 weeks. Yay.

  1. Like that time between commencement and finals- just waiting to graduate. Except spending time at the bar (or Vegas) would be pretty boring. 🙂

  2. We are planning to be there Thanksgiving week for a few days – arriving Tues. evening and departing Thanksgiving Day. Already have hotel reservations across the street from where we were last time. Looking forward to meeting the little guy. Or girl. Or whatever appears…. 🙂

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