38 weeks

Alien is still head down! Yay! And dropping lower. At the appointment on Tuesday, midwife said that she’d dropped a little into my pelvis, making turning much, much more unlikely. And Wednesday morning, kid felt like he was sitting on my pelvis, sort of hanging off. And my bra doesn’t feel like it’s wedged in between the pooch and my boobs (I haven’t noticed much trouble with feeling like I can’t breathe.) Funny, because a woman at swim class had just asked about it the night before. So, things are moving along. With the extra room at the top, Alien found a new game to play at night- kicking me HARD in the ribs, and my fears of rib injury during pregnancy have returned. Yay, dropping. Boo, rib-kicking.

Bending over causes some awesome reflux, something I don’t recall from the books. Another thing that I don’t remember seeing in the books, but which I am assured is perfectly normal: Racing heart for no apparent reason.

This week was Halloween! I was volunteered to help with the elevator bank decoration at work, and we decorated with a "Gruesome Farm" theme (the VP we work for is a member of FFA.) I suggested the idea that, instead of zombies and haunted scarecrows, we go for an "Animal Farm" approach, so we had a chicken-man driving the tractor, a horse pushing the wheelbarrow full of farmer-parts, and edited Chick-Fil-A posters that said "Eet More Peeple". We took second place. Whee.

I went to a party on Saturday night, dressed as "that scene from Alien." I’d dressed as it at work the day before, but just had the chestburster alien hanging out of the top of a v-neck shirt (I’d planned on having it come out of an old t-shirt of TCB’s, but it was too wide and not long enough, plus visibly stained under good lighting, making it not ideal to wear to work. Prompted a pre-work run to target, where I also found a long, dark-colored robe.) It made the costume clean enough to wear to work, and not get in my way and not scare the kids. So, Saturday, I used another maternity shirt as a template, cut TCB’s shirt down, sewed it together to make my own maternity tank, cut a hole in it, and put red and dark red fabric scraps around the exploding alien. Simple, fast, and it fit well. Very comfy. I didn’t win a prize at the party I went to, but it was a fantastic conversation starter.

What I didn’t like at the party was the large, drunk ("I’m just tipsy!") woman in the too-short flight attendant costume (and kept bending over!) that felt the need to educate me on what type of birth is best (unmedicated homebirth with a midwife, apparently. Hospitals clearly will cause the baby to get staph and die, after everyone’s totally stressed out and hacked to pieces by doctors who don’t know anything about birthin’ no babies). And I’m thinking "you know, with less than 2 weeks to go, deposits have been made, I’ve had plenty of time to think about this, and my choices are none of your damn business." Plus, I wouldn’t want to have to worry about cleaning before/after a homebirth. We have too much dog hair.

Monday, my day off, I putzed around the house, ordered some photos, half-finished a photobook, and got to sewing some things for the alien. Really, I just made a hooded towel for him/her: an elephant that can also double as a mousie. I didn’t want to put a trunk on it, seemed like it’d get in our way. I considered finishing the curtains for the room, but couldn’t find the lint roller to get up all the little towel pieces left everywhere on the ironing board. I think I might have considered taking a nap instead.

Monday night, I went to the Dad’s Garage show "Murder, She Improvised"- took 2nd in the costume contest. There were many people in the audience that had dressed up, but only 5 in the contest, so I’m guessing participants were either pre-selected by the cast/crew or most people didn’t want to participate in the "prize"? (Prize: getting to be the first killed in the murder-mystery improv show.) Winner was a large guy dressed up as the Black Swan, which was awesome. And was a fantastic joke through the whole show. I’m pretty happy to have come in second! Stayed out waaaay too late with friends at Taco Mac afterward, but I’m enjoying these kinds of nights while I still can have them!

I got my early voting out of the way yesterday. And got pictures framed and arranged, but not hung. And decided, at 11pm, that the nursery wasn’t finished enough, so we got the changing pad screwed down, some of the decoration up on the walls, and TCB and I went over what goes where (Like location of clothes, extra diapers/wipes/sheets, etc…), and talked about what needs to happen to make the room even more usable (get rid of that extra couch! Futon couch frame instead!) And we generally got the room cleaned back up. (Also found some things that had been "lost" in the room, hoping to have them in the mail to their respective recipients soon.)

Still need to call pediatricians. Braxton Hicks contractions have increased, and they feel stronger. Still don’t particularly hurt, they just seem to turn the pooch into an even harder rock. The animals have gotten quite snuggly- I seem to have a dog or cat with me at all times in the house. I can still wear my wedding rings- if I’m cold, they fit on the correct fingers, and if I’m hot, they fit on my pinky.

I keep getting asked if I’m ready for the arrival, and my answer is that we have all the stuff we’re supposed to. I’m not sure if I’m nervous or excited or have any particular feeling about it besides "It’s going to happen." Like the week leading up to the wedding, I knew things were in motion, I couldn’t do much of anything else to stop them, and if something didn’t get done, it didn’t get done.

I do like that I can passively take care of the kid right now, no screaming or crying because we’ve taken too long to attend to a need. I like the daytime games of "Alien pushes out, I push it back in." He, like everyone in the house, seems to enjoy a butt rub (keeps pushing out at it) and doesn’t like getting randomly poked and pushed around. She reacts strongly to music with squealy trumpets, so I avoid those because of the uncomfortableness.

I’m looking forward to being able to roll over in bed without feeling like I need a cattle lift and looking forward to hugging TCB (or anybody) without having to manage the bump. And that sensation of laying on my stomach. So looking forward to that. And wearing pants that don’t have the stretchy tummy panel- still haven’t warmed up to over-belly maternity pants.

I found that belly bands really have helped in this "pants don’t meet my shirt" phase. This week, the nurse warned me that this might be "the week", so I turned and didn’t look at the scale when she weighed me.

Pooch pics:

Yeah. Still need to upload them.
Le poochFrontSide

10 thoughts on “38 weeks

  1. Pediatrician’s office has been called. Since they have hospital privileges at Piedmont, just have to let the check-in people know we’ve chosen them, and it will all get taken care of. That was easy.

  2. I laughed out loud at work about the drunk woman telling you how to give birth. Women are crazy when it comes to child birth. It’s like we all think to ourselves “I’ve done it once, so I am obviously the expert here.”

  3. Haha, Maegen, of course! It felt like she was saying “I didn’t die, so clearly my way was the best way.” I loved the parts where she was going on about how “I won’t judge you if you get the epidural”. Yeah. Because I’m clearly going to seek her out at a later date for approval.

  4. My hairdresser, whom I have known since before you were born, said she had acid reflux very shortly before her last of four children was born. All must not be in the books. She too enjoyed being able to breathe more easily after the baby dropped some.

  5. Reflux is common during pregnancy. The common ways to treat it are elevate the head of the bed at night and lie on left side rather than right, keep away from caffiene, chocolate and peppermint (also fat, carbonated drinks, acid foods like citrus and tomatoes), chew gum to increase saliva, eat small frequent meals, get enough protein (though I think a lot of meat and cheese is high in fat), and you can take Maalox, Mylanta, Pepcid, Tagamet, etc.

  6. I pretty much lived on Tums throughout my entire pregnancy. I may never have thrown up but damn if I didn’t have more than my share of heartburn. It was AWFUL. The day Lorelei was born? It magically went away.

    Luckily I could still eat anything I wanted because it didn’t make any difference. A glass of water gave me heartburn as much as a place of spicy tomato sauce.

  7. I’m going to go for the “Don’t bend over” approach to prevention.
    Did the magic no-more-heartburn make the cheese sammich even that much better?

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