Musical selections

Driving to work the other day, I had a mini-meltdown thinking about the upcoming event. How would I get through having this kid? How will I deal with it when it’s here? Will I recognize me in December? How am I going to do this? Can I even do this?

As if to answer, "Eye of the Tiger" came on the radio.

This weekend, I’m hoping to get a playlist together for labor, even if it’s just background noise or not used (I think it’d be handy to have a "calming music" playlist for post-arrival, too.) I really like music with a beat, but when I hurt, I don’t want anything too complicated or too high-pitched.

Some sample labor songs:
"Under the Weather" KT Tunstall
"To Meet You" Teitur
"Doubting Thomas" Nickel Creek
"Break Your Heart (Piano Version)" Taio Cruz

Any suggestions to add? I also have a "in need of motivation" playlist, and I’ll take suggestions for that, too.

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