Crax vs. Lizard

Sunday, Piper J kept staring at the cabinet under the oven. Just sat and stared, like she did when we had a mouse behind the sink-side. We didn’t hear anything, didn’t see anything, and just thought she was in a mood. Maybe we’d spilled something tasty?
Sunday afternoon, George brought a friend over to watch the Colts game, and Crax stayed cordial when confronted with strangers. She didn’t hiss and run away, her usual m.o. She sniffed, walked past them, and returned to staring at her spot. She generally doesn’t even stay on the same floor a complete strangers.
After the Colts game, we were watching another game when Crax scampered out into the foyer, half carrying/half chasing something with a long tail. I jumped up and ran to see, thinking it was a little mouse, but it was a lizard! I opened the door to let it run out, or to let her continue the battle on the porch, but the lizard took off past me and down the stairs, Crax in hot pursuit. Eep!
Cat and her lizard
She quickly pinned it against a box, but it slipped out and ran into the pile of yard sale/donation stuff. Piper followed, and the battle heated up. Georgia grabbed a plastic container and got ready to capture it once it an back out into the open, but the lizard would dart out, realize the danger, and dart back, cat on its tail every time. At one point, we could see the lizard tail on one side of the old microwave cart, Crax tail on the other.
She chased it under the weights and the battle seemed over. She poked it, it didn’t move, and we wondered if we should scoop it up because the tupperware wouldn’t fit in the space. I turned around to go get something, and Georgia screamed. Apparently, the lizard had jumped “5 feet in the air” and landed in the middle of the open space. Woo!
Cat poked it some more, it barel moved, and G crept up and covered it. That’s when Piper realized we had strangers in the house, hissed at G, did her Godzilla impression and ran away. We put a box on top of the container, Crax came back to inspect, and we told TCB all about our adventure, as he’d just gotten home from a successful day at the junkyard.
On returning with newspaper to slip under the covering, we saw that the lizard, though covered in pet hair, was not dead. Cautiously, we slipped the paper under the lizard, got it outside, and I tossed it into the garden.
I’m very happy with the cat’s hunting ability. She was picking it up and shaking her head, clearly getting some kind of result, but it wasn’t quite enough to dispatch this lizard (also chased it into the open, so it didn’t die hidden, a present to find later.) I guess we’ll keep her another year. 🙂
Loves the tail
She is pretty cute.


2 thoughts on “Crax vs. Lizard

  1. Exciting adventure for all! Glad you have such a huntress; sad there is no trophy for display.

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