40 weeks.

Yeah, so I skipped one. Nothing’s changed. Still no baby, nearly everyone’s out of the running in the pool, and I feel like a watched pot. And I dread going to bed at night because the Alien gets so active that I can’t sleep and am worried that it’ll flip again. Or that I’m really growing a cat. And when Alien calms down, TCB starts snoring, or Angus starts dreaming/yipping, or Crax decides to snuggle my face. And then I’m awake. So awake.

I feel: large. I figured out what rolling over is like: laying on a 50-lb heavy bag, and then rolling over with that. I’m also kind of pissed that the kid has clearly missed its birthday, and now is laaaaaate to his own party. Last night, I made a cake and 2 cupcakes, one in pick and one in blue paper, so his or her birthday cake is ready. And my “waiting for labor” cake is quite tasty- chocolate with mocha icing. I’ve started having “pregnant forever!” dreams, like still being pregnant at a wedding I’m going to be in in May. And the emotional roller coaster I’ve been on has added another chain-lift, the hills are higher.

I do like: feeling feet in the palm of my hand. It’s weirdly comforting. I don’t like when I feel them on the other side of my belly (they’re usually on the right side), especially after an active night. The hands going across my bladder- that’s just an interesting feeling. Also comforting because that’s the general area for hands. It all feels like something’s poking me through a bag in water, which it is.

Appointments have been boring- head down, measuring fine, etc etc and so forth. No internal exams yet, because they don’t tell us much as far as when labor might start. If I do make it to the next one, then she’ll check to see if anything’s going on.

Angus and Piper have been tag-teaming to follow me around constantly. I go to pee- and one of them barges in. I take a bath, and one needs to guard the tub. I walk anywhere in the house, and I have a fuzzy shadow. TCB’s been awesome, putting up with my “we’re having this for dinner” and random tears and “I’m ready to be done” neediness and generally grumpy mood.

Mom asked a few weeks ago if I’d been writing to the Alien and no, I have not been. The thoughts I’ve had about the kid mostly involve it not injuring me too much when it comes out, resentment for all the stretch marks and skin tags, hoping that it doesn’t take up french horn or clarinet if it joins the band (because I don’t want to listen to practice), deciding that football is a no-go until high school, and hoping that this really is worth it.

As far as the old wives tales for starting labor, I’ve decided only to try the fun/tasty ones. So I’ve been on many walks, eaten pineapple, eggplant, spicy and spicier foods, done some housecleaning…
We did get the last pieces purchased for the kid’s room- the trash cans for trash and for diaper laundry (they’re labeled, along with “this is not a hamper” on the diaper one). And got the mobile frame ordered, as well as a monitor. So, theoretically, the room is fully functional, minus a baby. (Ignore the futon mattress wedged in there.)
The room
Changing setup

Other things we’ve done to wrap things up: we went on 2 date nights, once to get some tasty eggplant at Figo Pasta on Wedneday and then again for pizza on Thursday. I got pineapple and pepperoni (my favorite, sometimes I add green peppers), which had enough grease to make anything slide through. We then went home and re-packed the hospital bags, because I’d been having mild contractions at 10 minutes apart nearly all day. Took a shower to make sure we’d be ready to go whenever… and they stopped. I got a pedicure, caught up on laundry (and am now behind again), and finally remembered to open the vent in the kid’s room, so it’s about the same temperature as the rest of the house.
I played video games and had milkshakes for breakfast on Saturday. I don’t think I’ve played anything for months.
TCB brewed 2 batches of beer this weekend and we bottled the gf beer for me. He did have a boil-over spill on Saturday night, which went into the cabinets and under the cooktop (since it’s not sealed to the counter yet.) It was a big mess, but he told me to sit, he’d take care of it, and he did. The painted cabinets cleaned up easily and now everything under the cooktop side is washed. I was very impressed. The guy at the beer supply store called me unusual because I like pinot noir, but take my coffee black. Apparently, pinot noir drinkers like their coffee with milk and sugar? And merlot drinkers like black coffee. But, TCB and I do disagree on red wines (he’s more of a merlot fan), so maybe there’s something to it. (That particular beer has now exploded several times all over the closet it was in, because it was in the coat closet, so now the coats need cleaning. And the un-sealed floor in there is likely stained a new color.)
I got the extra base installed in my car, and called to get it inspected, and got transferred before leaving a message about making an appointment and decided that, if getting it inspected was more difficult than installing it, we did it right.
I got fed up with how much time I was spending timing the non-progressive contractions on Friday (5 minutes apart! and then they stopped after a walk), so I’m quitting timing until they get some kind of painful.
After re-packing the bags, I took a look at the going-home outfit we’d packed and realized that it is kind of big and frilly, so I went out Friday and found a smaller, cute outfit with stars on it. And a slightly larger one with rockets.

What does 40 weeks look like on me?
40 weeksSideFront

So, when’s this birthday going to be? Since nearly everyone’s out of the running (except for the 8:45 tonight guess), go ahead and guess again!



5 thoughts on “40 weeks.

  1. I totally had the non-BH contractions. Once I even called the L&D unit because they were painful and five minutes apart. Then as soon as I pressed the last number I didn’t feel one again. The good news though, is that I was 5 cm without even being in labor…. so maybe that’s what’s going on with you too?

  2. I’m so nervous, I think I’m going to start having contractions. Or conniptions. Eh, what ever comes first.

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